Breathtaking Horror Art to Haunt Your Home Gallery

‘Tis the season — to decorate. There’s no better way to get into the spooky season spirit than by displaying horror art representing your favorite and most frightening fandoms. Plus, if you’re a forever fan, you can keep these pieces up all year round.

So we’ve put together a curated list of petrifying prints and frightening fine art that will truly take your breath away. Peruse these horror collectibles below at your own peril. And don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Bring some heat to your display with the Darkman Fine Art Lithograph and Darkman Variant by James Bousema. Paying homage to the 1990 Sam Raimi film, this Darkman art features flames and shadow that perfectly encapsulate the fate and fury of this vigilante. Fans of this cult classic antihero won’t want to miss out on either version.

Pennywise: Truth or Dare

Hiya, Georgie. You’ll float (with joy) when you bring home the Pennywise: Truth or Dare Fine Art Print by Marco Mastrazzo. If you’re a true Losers Club member, step right up and confront your greatest fears by gazing directly at this creepy clown. We dare you not to look away.


Model Julie Strain embodies artist Olivia De Berardinis’ ethereal emissary of death in the Banshee Fine Art Print by Ozone Productions. As alluring as she is horrifying, the Banshee is undoubtedly an eye-catching subject. She will bring glamor to every horror collection. So if you hear her call, there’s no fighting fate. Bring her home today!

Treehouse of Horror #2

Combining silly and scary, it’s the Treehouse of Horror #2 Art Print by ACME Archives. Commemorating Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror by Bongo Comics, this artwork will showcase your love for all things spooky and Simpsons. Support all of Bart’s creative endeavors when you bring it home today.

Beauty and the Beast

The exhilarating Beauty and the Beast Fine Art Print by Frank Frazetta pits a fearless female fighter against a ferocious monster. This art is intense and gorgeous. It’s also a sure conversation starter if placed in a prominent spot in your home. Perhaps you can keep the scene going outside the frame with an endless jungle of plants.

Venom: The Symbiote Stroll

Body horror, but make it adorable! That’s the vibe coming from this Venom: The Symbiote Stroll Fine Art Print by T. Wei. Take a walk on the weird side with this colorful and quirky Marvel art composition. It’s packed with city life and comics-themed Easter eggs alike. Can you count how many pigeons appear across this oversized illustration before Venom eats them?

The Batman Who Laughs

Comic fans, don’t despair. There’s amazing art out there to satisfy both the Batman and blood-and-guts fans. One such piece is The Batman Who Laughs Fine Art Print by Richard Luong. This giddy and gruesome killer takes center stage as he emerges from the Dark Multiverse and into your DC Comics art collection.

Will you be adding any of this horror art to your gallery? Share your art collection with other connoisseurs in our Hall of Frame Facebook Group, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!