How to be a Poser

By Terry Smith

As a veteran collector of sixth-scale figures, it’s my belief that I have a responsibility to display each of my collectibles in a way that captures a definitive moment. So I became a poser.

That word, “poser,” is burdened with a terrible stigma. Just thinking about it conjures fearsome visions of being ostracized by a sect of cool hipster college kids.

But in the world of sixth-scale figures, being a poser is the final step of a creative process. It’s a worthwhile endeavor that requires some extra thought and effort. And it’s not easy.

When I’m posing a figure, I’m tossing so many questions around in my head. Mostly I’m taking into consideration the character, but I’m also thinking of the way that the human body works. Even physical forces like gravity and movement come into play.

This series will be for collectors. It’s an illustrated dose of sixth-scale goodness. Take from it what you will, and remember to have fun with it!