By Terry Smith

Sometimes a little action is all the inspiration a poser needs.

No matter which camp you’re in when it comes to your feelings about post-prequel Star Wars, there’s something inherently thrilling about a Jedi sky-jacking a S.T.A.P.  I’ve been waiting for over a year to get the chance to execute this, and it was surprisingly easy to pull off using the Anakin Skywalker Sixth Scale Figure. My goal was to provide the impression of a sixth-scale diorama as opposed to a pairing of posable figures.

Body posture is the key here. In this case, I had images in my head from a variety of sources, including comic books, the Clone Wars animated series, and the Clone Wars: Republic Heroes video game.


One foot bears most of the weight on an engine pod, while the other foot provides balance on the opposite blaster barrel. Use Anakin’s free hand on the handlebar for support. If you use the opposite handlebar in a cross-body grip, it provides a more aggressive posture to the figure. Arch the back a bit, and twist the body in the direction of the lightsaber.

TIP: Slight exaggeration of the limbs really sells the action, whereas settling for a more relaxed pair of legs gives the impression that Anakin is copping a squat on the S.T.A.P.  He should look like he’s preparing to own the thing!

Stay tuned for more How to Be A Poser!

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