A Holiday Wish granted!

During our Sideshow Holiday Wishlist Giveaway over 50 heartfelt, touching, and funny wishes were fulfilled to spread some extra holiday cheer this season.

One of our recipients sent us this wonderful thoughtful poem as thanks.

From: Vanessa, George, and Nathan

To all the wonderful Angels at Sideshow Collectibles… this was made from the heart.
Treebeard was the one that started it all
My addiction was born and my collection grew tall
Sideshow Collectibles was introduced in my life
Little did I know they would make me a wife
On Dave’s forum I met another collector

His name was Booyah or George, not Hector
He too was Sideshow Collectibles biggest fan
And to my surprise he came with a plan
After wooing me for 6 months we decided to meet
He was the nicest guy and ever so sweet
One year later we decided to get hitched
Sideshow Collectibles had 2 collectors bewitched

Soon after that we had a big surprise
The first Sideshow Collectors’ baby was on the rise
Sideshow Darth Critter was his name
He will grow to have great fortune and fame

Darth Nathan was born on August 26, 2008
And like the darkness he was 2 weeks late
He screamed bloody murder when he was born
The Dark Side of the Force came in strong

Now 4 years later collecting runs through his veins
And our wallets are in constant pains
Marvel Superheroes and Dinosaurs are his favorite toys
Nathan and his daddy are my favorite boys

Sideshow Collectibles
The company with a heart as big as can be
Makes collectors dreams come true, I agree
So I entered a wish for my little son
And guess what… he won, he won, he won
On the box said do not open until the holiday

Sauron’s Eye sees all and Christmas is still far away
But our family will respect Sideshow’s request
And we will not open the box we will really do our best
I wrote you this poem as a very special Thank You
We feel so humble and blessed and this is true

From the bottom of our hearts
We will cherish our surprise forever

And forget your kindness we will never

Thank you again for our wonderful prize
Sideshow Collectibles
The company of Angels in disguise!

From our Family to yours,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Vanessa, George and Nathan – aka Darth Critter

Please be sure to join us again next year for our annual holiday wishlist giveaway!