HTBAP: Like a Bossk!

By Terry Smith

The Star Wars Expanded Universe is a treasure trove of source material, providing endless opportunities for telling stories about characters that received zero or minimal screen time in the films.

Take Bossk, for instance. You may remember this reptilian bounty hunter as a static presence on the bridge of Vader’s Star Destroyer in The Empire Strikes Back.

But in the EU, tales told of Bossk paint a broader portrait of him as a vicious Trandoshan killer. His entire species is predatory in nature. Becoming a bounty hunter was a natural career move for Bossk, whose name translates literally as “Devours His Prey.”

While researching Bossk’s posture and motion, I dug into the past two seasons of The Clone Wars – specifically, a trilogy of episodes in which a band of Trandoshans were hunting a group of young Jedi on a world used as a game preserve. In one episode there’s a scene in which a hunter pauses to sniff the air for his Jedi prey. This is all the inspiration a poser needs to give some flavor to Bossk. The Clone Wars provides an excellent exploration of the species’ body gesture, as well as some wicked bounty hunter moves!

Bossk Sixth Scale Figure How to be a Poser
Bossk Sixth Scale Figure How to be a Poser


  • The Exclusive Bossk head is one of savage rage. Don’t sell it short! When displaying this head sculpt find an aggressive pose that shows Bossk isn’t hunting his prey anymore – he’s engaged it.
  • Drop Bossk into an aggressive crouch, like he’s getting ready to spring.  This is the sort of posture that benefits from one of the included “action” feet.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of exaggeration. A figure with a gun resting comfortably and lazily in its hand isn’t terribly imposing, so give the impression that Bossk is stabbing outward with his rifle while he’s firing it. Get that arm up and straight, and your figure will look like it means business!
  • Bounty hunters don’t always work alone. Just food for thought…

Bossk Sixth Scale Figure How to be a Poser

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