10 Iconic Super Hero Couples from DC and Marvel

Love is in the air! Or, well, on the page. For decades DC Comics and Marvel Comics fans have witnessed their favorite heroes find love amid all the battles and showdowns. And even though your favorite couple may split up in one story, they’ll gravitate back together in the next. That’s just the way comics go.

Longtime partnerships with intertwined destinies are as sensational as any comic book event. Relationship drama is just as central to the narrative as the plot to defeat the villain. So ahead of Valentine’s Day, AKA the biggest celebration of love of the year, let’s look at 10 of the most iconic super hero couples in DC and Marvel.

Batman and Catwoman

Perhaps the most popular enemies to lovers couple in DC Comics, Catwoman and Batman have a rocky history. They bring out the best and the worst in each other. Despite Catwoman being one of Batman’s main adversaries and against his better judgement, he wants to save her. And Catwoman likes to witness the dark and the light sides of her knight. She won’t stop thieving. He won’t stop pursuing justice.

Their love-hate relationship is emphasized when their goals align, but their morals don’t. Still, even in their civilian disguises as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, the two Gothamites can’t fight their attraction. Bruce even proposes to Selina years into their relationship, to which she responds yes. Although they do not officially tie the knot, they do declare their undying love for one another.

Wiccan and Hulkling

Young Avengers Billy Kaplan/Wiccan and Teddy Altman/Hulkling are Marvel’s current “it” couple. They start dating around the time their teenage super hero gang gets together, and have been together ever since. Now, their relationship hasn’t been perfect. For instance, Wiccan was once convinced he had imagined Teddy into existence. This anxiety is in fact exacerbated because Wiccan’s mom, Wanda Maximoff, had brought Billy and his twin brother Tommy Shepherd into the world the same way.

Billy and Teddy find their way through that drama, though. United, the two men are an ultimate power couple. After 15 years of a longterm partnership, they also finally marry β€” twice. Now, the Demiurge β€” Billy, a magic user at his fullest potential β€” and the King of the Skrull/Kree empireβ€” Teddy, claiming his rightful throne β€” are a heroic and romantic force to be reckoned with.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

From gal pals to girlfriends who grow together! Although Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were considered only close friends for decades, the pair of Gotham City Sirens are loud and proud in modern DC comic book runs. A mainstream ship as well, Pamela and Harleen are married in multiple iterations of DC stories, from panels of Injustice: Year Zero to the small screen.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are so sweet they’ll rot your teeth. These women are constantly complimenting each other. They fight alongside each other, have each other’s backs, and have lived through so much similar trauma that they understand one another completely. Equally important, they actually communicate. We don’t see that with many comic couples.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

Scarlet Witch and Vision have a love story for the ages. The all-powerful Avenger and the invincible android are devoted to their teams, their roles as super heroes, and to each other. It takes a lot of time to get there, though. When they first meet, Vision is overwhelmed by Wanda’s humanity and he can’t understand the chemistry and attraction he feels for her. It is not until Wanda’s twin brother Quicksilver goes missing and she seeks comfort from Vision that the two initiate a romantic relationship.

Then it’s a wedding, a honeymoon, and a modest suburban home for the odd couple! Domestic bliss takes over with the birth of their twin boys thanks to Wanda’s chaos magic. Later, the children as well as their father are unmade and killed, respectively, though with comics no one is ever truly gone. Scarlet Witch and Vision have since reconciled as friends, and their reincarnated kiddos are doing well for themselves professionally as well as personally.

Superman and Lois Lane

Although Lois Lane doesn’t have superpowers β€” besides in a few one-off Superwoman and Krypton Girl storylines β€” she is a super hero in her own right. A brave journalist and a strong mother, she is also an unwavering source of support for her Kryptonian beau Superman. Furthermore, Lois also loves his dorkier Clark Kent side.

Before Lois knows Clark Kent’s identity, the couple have a series of quirky romantic misunderstandings. Clark is the shy guy who adores no-nonsense Lois. Lois has a crush on the unattainable extraterrestrial hero Superman. Once everyone is honest, however, sparks fly. Now Lois and Clark have a son named Jon Kent who saves the day as Superboy.

Spider-Man and MJ

Similarly to Lois Lane above, MJ Watson is an ordinary human without powers, except in alternate realities. But also, as shown by Batman or Iron Man, you don’t need powers to be a super hero. And in the recent Marvel Comics Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond, MJ briefly takes on the Black Cat mantle to rescue Felicia Hardy. So it’s safe to put MJ on this iconic super hero couples list.

Peter Parker meets MJ on a blind date. You might recall her famous “Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot” quote. Thinking she is shallow, though, Peter doesn’t engage in a romantic relationship with her until after Gwen Stacy’s death at the hands of Green Goblin. Since then, however, Spider-Man and Mary Jane are an inseparable duo. As on-and-off as they are, and even with Mephisto undoing their marriage, Spidey and MJ endure as an iconic Marvel couple.

Nightwing and Batgirl

Batgirl and Nightwing are two invaluable members of Bruce Wayne’s Bat-Family. They train together. They fight crime together. And in the few free moments they get between saving the world and maintaining their secret identities, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon find their homecoming in one another. Their relationship is even so important to DC Comics that its inception actually rewrote years of Batman comics continuity in order to create a better canon for the two lovebirds.

Finally, the will-they-or-won’t-they ends in marriage in Dark Nights: Death Metal. These sidekicks have also since graduated to full-blown super heroes in their own rights. Because, let’s face it, they’re better vigilantes when they’re in sync. So whether it’s planning a bad guy bash or a date night, Nightwing and Batgirl are a perfect pair.

Storm and Black Panther

In Marvel Comics, Black Panther and Storm meet when they’re children. Ororo uses her mutant weather powers to save T’Challa from kidnapping. Consequently, the two teens develop a close friendship that quickly turns romantic. Their young love lasts for years even when they go their separate ways β€” Black Panther joins the Avengers and Storm joins the X-Men.

Reconnecting in adulthood, Storm and Black Panther marry. Besides being a great fit for them both, this legal commitment gives Storm the power she deserves since it makes Storm queen consort of Wakanda. Unfortunately, the powerful couple divorces only six years later due to the destruction and betrayals caused by the Phoenix’s return to Earth. Unlike many of the other super hero couples on this list, these two are still separated in the comics.

Black Canary and Green Arrow

Green Arrow and Black Canary are one of those comic couples that feel like they’ve always been together. They’re beginning is kind of casual, with Dinah Lance clearly nervous about having anything serious with Oliver Queen. For example, she refuses marriage in addition to telling him she doesn’t want to bring kids into such a dangerous place as Star City.

Again, as comics tend to go, their relationship changes. Dinah accepts Oliver’s proposal. They marry β€” the event itself marred by melodrama and tragedy β€” but nonetheless, it’s a resounding “I do” from both heroes. As a result, many other iterations of the couple are happily together. They even have a son in the video game Injustice 2.

Midnighter and Apollo

Apollo and Midnighter are one of DC’s most prominent same-sex relationships. These two men have been together for years and years within canon continuity. In fact, their close friendship blossomed into a love confession all the way back in 1999! They are equally important as the popular “BatCat” and “Clois” relationships.

While it may appear from their character designs that opposites attract, Midnighter and Apollo work so well because they can both compromise and deliberate how best to get their super heroics done. They’ve had their fights, but which couple on this list hasn’t? Ultimately, these guys have always found their way back to each other just as every other enduring hero pair.

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