Hobbit-full Holidays: The Lord of the Rings Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for merrymaking! The beings of Middle-earth are drinking, feasting, and hanging lights. Wizards wander the land giving fireworks to young Hobbits. Under the mountains, dragons suddenly become generous, sharing their treasure hordes with Dwarves. Elves dance and sing, their hearts full of love.

And we Men gift! Should you be at a loss for what to give your loved ones this season, fear not. Below we’ve put together a Gift Guide full of fantastic The Lord of the Rings collectibles.

Legolas Figure

What do your Elf eyes see? Perhaps the Legolas at Helm’s Deep Sixth Scale Figure? The Legolas figure from Asmus Collectible Toys is an exquisitely crafted recreation of a fan-favorite character. The exclusive edition additionally includes a diorama wall to truly set the scene. Whether your friend loves all eagle-eyed Elves, or simply this specific blond beauty, they’ll thank you for bringing Legolas to their fantasy collectibles display.

Orc Statues

Recruit your own small army with a trio of Orc collectibles from Iron Studios! The Archer Orc, Armored Orc, and Swordsman Orc statues are the tenth scale cuties your best buddy needs. They are ideal for bringing the intense Mines of Moria battle from screen to shelf, or for displaying allegiance to Sauron.

Bilbo Baggins Figure

Do you have a friend, parent, or sibling who just loves to be cozy? We’re talking multiple tea times, sunning in the garden, and extravagant bubble baths. Yet this person also has an adventurous side. They go on solo trips and play riddles with dangerous creatures. Whoever popped into your mind — get them the Bilbo Baggins Sixth Scale Figure by Asmus Collectible Toys. He’ll be like a “mini me” smiling from the shelf.

One Ring Necklace

My precious … ahem, we mean, your precious deserves glittering jewelry this season. Therefore we suggest The One Ring (Gollum Gold) Pendant by Badali Jewelry. Crafted in solid bronze and plated in 24k gold, this stunning necklace will bring more warmth to your beloved’s eyes than the fires of Mount Doom. Just don’t lose this in a river of lava!

Morgul Lord Statue

Take an evil villain, but make him adorable! The Morgul Lord Statue by Star Ace Toys Ltd. is a Chibi-fied version of an awesome antagonist. Just look at his dangerous little weapons and evil little armor. Isn’t he the sweetest? This is a perfect pick for your friends that say “awww” at vampire bats and other spooky scary stuff.

Lurtz Mask Prop Replica

For your bestie who mourns the passing of Halloween all the way until the next October, try a costume piece. The Lurtz Mask Prop Replica by Trick or Treat Studios is gnarly, but that’s the point. Any die-hard Lord of the Rings fan will welcome him as a holiday dinner guest or even an all-year round home decoration.

Which of these Lord of the Rings collectibles will you be giving to your friends and family this holiday season? If you’re still unsure which collectibles to select, take out the guesswork of gifting with the Sideshow Gift Card. Available as a physical or digital gift card, it’s the gift everyone will love. Plus, there are plenty more Sideshow Gift Guide categories to browse!

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