Marvel Matchup- Sue Storm vs. Storm

While Susan Storm seems to acquire new abilities through the years, Ororo’s sheer power has been clear since her beginning in Marvel Comics. And yet despite that, the internet has unequivocally decided that Invisible Woman can defeat Storm in battle without a moment’s thought, but let’s look into the debate ourselves and decide together.

Join us as we compare compare their power sets and take a look at who would win this Marvel matchup!

Invisible Woman


Sue Storm grew up with the life of any superhero: a complicated family life and a complicated relationship with authority. Her real origin begins when she goes on an interstellar adventure with her true love Reed Richards, her brother Johnny Storm, and her friend Ben Grimm. The four of them encountered unexpected troubles and suffered from copious amounts of cosmic radiation.

After crash landing and somehow making it out alive, she discovered that she had powers. She eventually married Reed Richards, and becomes a founding member of the superhero family The Fantastic Four. Their family continues to grow, and she has a baby girl named Valeria, who will grow up to be even smarter than her father. Then they have Franklin Richards, who will grow up to be the most powerful mutant in the world.


Invisible Woman’s powers might not be as obvious as they appear — or disappear, as it were. While she can turn invisible, her powers are a bit more complex. Sue is able to bend wavelengths of light, meaning that she can blend in with a background or even change the color of her hair! She can touch anyone and anything and turn them invisible too. She can even turn things visible hidden from her sight. Due to her invisible ability, she doesn’t even need to use her eyes to see. She simply perceives wavelengths.

Yet her real strength is not in her invisibility but in her force fields. She can create a force field to block out anything. Yes. Literally anything. Thor’s thunder? Blocked. The Sentry’s strongest punch? Nothing. Nuclear bombs and more, she can block out the most powerful of forces. But her shields can be more refined as well. She can put a force field around her head that only allows oxygen through its barrier so that she can breathe in space.

Even this is not the full extent of her power. She can form her force fields in any shape and any place. Her force fields could be a sword or a jet or anything she can imagine. She can use these force fields in any way she imagines.


Invisible Woman does not have clear limits to her powers, but she does have limits. Exhaustion alone can render her unconscious and leave her prone. She is not invulnerable to telepaths without special equipment. But her greatest weakness might be more than her own powers’ limits. Her greatest weakness might be that she has a family that she loves and cares about.

In the X-Men + Fantastic Four miniseries, a part of Jonathan Hickman’s HOX/POX and Dawn of X event, Sue Storm is so deeply concerned about her son Franklin that she infiltrates the mutant island of Krakoa and attacks all of the X-Men with the hopes that they will give her the information she needs to find her son. She will do anything for her son, including acting extremely irrationally.



There are, of course, many different origins for Ororo Monroe, so this origin explanation will have use broad strokes. Ororo lost her parents at a very young age, and she was raised on the streets in Cairo, Egypt. She learned how to pickpocket, and she did what she had to do to survive. She even pickpocketed Charles Xavier, who was in Egypt to meet Amahl Farouk. Some time in her youth, she came into her powers.

Ororo wandered through the deserts for a long while, meeting many other Marvel heroes along the way, and even used her powers to save the life of Prince T’Challa, the soon-to-be Black Panther. When she finally returned to her ancestral homeland of Kenya, she was worshipped as a goddess.

Professor X found her when she was older and had refined her powers, and he asked her to join the X-Men as Storm. She served with the team and even lead them for quite a while. Her adventures led her around the globe and eventually back to T’Challa. She married Black Panther and became the Queen of Wakanda. Since then, she has unlocked the Godhead and even become a goddess.

Most recently, she has become a member of the Summer section of the Quiet Council on Krakoa.


Ororo is a confirmed Omega-level mutant with the primary power of Weather Manipulation. She can control all of the weather and atmosphere with just her mind, meaning that she can create lightning in an instant. She can use solar winds and even direct solar radiation to a specific point. Whether it’s electromagnetism, or the worst snowstorm in the history of humanity, she can create it. She can change temperatures in a localized or widespread area.

As an Omega-level mutant, there is no technical limit to Storm’s power. Her abilities can continue to grow and expand beyond any perceivable limit. With her level and type of power, there is no telling what kind of destruction she is capable of. She could literally wipe out the entire planet in an instant, if she so desired.

She can feel the entire atmosphere and its weather at once when she is on Earth. She can see the world, not with her eyes, but through its elements and its chemicals. She can breathe in space or underwater by controlling the oxygen and even separating molecules to get exactly what she needs to survive.

Not only that, but she is literally a goddess, able to be powered by the faith of others. And she has been and is powered by the faith of Wakanda itself, let alone her support from Black Panther.


Storm’s powers are tied to her emotions and fears. These can limit her. She is often shown to be claustrophobic and cannot handle compressed spaces, likely due to childhood trauma and being cut off from nature at large.

And while she is resilient, she is still just flesh and blood. Even as a goddess, she is not invulnerable.


The internet has argued for years about a battle between Sue Storm and Storm. The argument, up until now, has ended quickly.

Sue Storm creates forcefields instantaneously that can block out ANYTHING. If she’s powerful enough to damage a Celestial, she can damage anyone. She can keep out Thor’s thunder, so she can keep out Storm’s. But that doesn’t matter, because Sue Storm can create a forcefield inside Storm’s head before Storm can even think, and Storm loses. Game over.

And once upon a time, that was a compelling argument. However, that isn’t necessarily true anymore. First of all, we do not know Storm’s full potential as a goddess. Would she live on? And we know from the recent Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost that Storm is connected to the Wakandan Ancestral Plane, so she may live on there as well. With limitless potential as an Omega-level mutant and goddess, could she attack Sue Storm from beyond the grave?

Actually, thanks to The Five on Krakoa, Storm can be brought back to life. She doesn’t have to attack from beyond the grave, but she can attack from the other side of the Earth. Sue Storm has psionic-based powers, and Storm can affect electricity even inside peoples’ minds on a global scale, whereas Sue Storm’s powers have a much smaller range.

So yes, Sue Storm would defeat Storm… the first time. But when Ororo came back, and she would come back, Sue Storm couldn’t hide anywhere on this entire planet from the vengeful, world-shattering Storm. Storm could sense her in the atmosphere. And even if she left Earth, there is no telling how far Ororo can sense. She can control solar flares and powerful cosmic winds. The fight may be long, but the winner is clear.

Which Marvel hero do you think would win in a fight? And are you reading X-Men + Fantastic Four? Let Your Geek Sideshow and tell us your thoughts!

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