Marvel Moves Avengers: Infinity War Release Date Up A Week!

Yesterday, in a surprise announcement that sent shockwaves throughout the multiverse, Marvel Studios revealed that its highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War film would premiere worldwide on April 27th, an entire week earlier than its original May 4th date.

The announcement followed a cheeky exchange between Marvel Studios and Robert Downey Jr., who used some of his sway as Tony Stark to angle for an earlier release.

Marvel had an updated poster prepared for just such an occasion-

This week has also marked the release of Avengers: Infinity War toys and collectibles hitting stores ahead of the now-April debut, featuring characters like The Vision, Captain America, Thor, Thanos, and more.

The film is going to be action-packed and star-studded, featuring dozens of Marvel’s beloved heroes all in one battle for the fate of the universe.  We can’t wait!

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