The Most Chaotic Couples in Marvel and DC Comics

What makes a relationship last? Is it flowers, chocolate, and never-ending romance? Maybe. You could ask a million couples, and they’d probably all give different answers. Some of them would say stability, for instance. Others might say you have to keep things interesting. Lots of couples keep the flame alive by cranking up the heat with a little chaos.

Below, let’s look at the most chaotic couples in Marvel and DC Comics.

Rogue & Gambit

Southern sass and a touch of class make Rogue and Gambit an irresistible pair. Who can resist their charms, or the delicious tension that comes from Rogue’s inability to touch someone without draining them of their powers and life force? Obviously these X-Men are dealing with a longterm flirtation. They’ve got lots of steamy moments through the decades, sometimes undercut with comedy. Remy Lebeau’s spice always goes quite nicely with Rogue’s sugah, though, wouldn’t you say?

Batman & Catwoman

Catwoman and Batman represent the epitome of the “Will they or won’t they?” concept. First, they’re enemies. A master thief with a shady moral alignment, Selina Kyle is part of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Under his cowl, Bruce Wayne just can’t understand her. But their cat-and-mouse games in their vigilante costumes help these two develop a mutual respect and admiration for one another. Eventually that sparks into attraction. And seriously, you can light a match with all that tension and chemistry.

Destiny & Mystique

Mystique and Destiny are known for their intense affair. During the 20th century, the mutant pair works as a detective and writer duo under the names Irene Adler and Raven Darkhölme. They both have strong ideals as well as ideas that can both complement and conflict. Destiny’s visions can lead her to distrust her partner, while Mystique’s shapeshifting runs them into all sorts of trouble. But they’re also always supportive of one another. They even adopt a daughter together: Anne Marie, the mutant later known as Rogue.

Midnighter & Apollo

Apollo and Midnighter are one of DC’s original gay couples, and a power couple at that. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect, though. Their whole thing is that opposites attract, and their relationship was even spawned from the question: What if Batman and Superman were in love? So you can imagine the fierce fights and numerous disagreements between these guys. But that level of passion is exactly what makes Midnighter and Apollo work.

Wanda & Vision

Wanda Maximoff keeps her family alive with literal chaos. A practitioner of chaos magic, the Scarlet Witch uses her ability to bring her and Vision’s twin sons into existence. However, the story of the sorceress and her synthetic man isn’t as lovey-dovey as it seems on the surface. Vision doesn’t always understand his lover’s human emotions. Wanda also always wants to keep grips on her eventual husband … and on his powers. At one point, she takes control of his body and uses it as a weapon. Yet these two still found ways to honor their intense connection, a testament to how to forgive your beloved.

Harley Quinn & The Joker

When we think of chaotic comic couples, The Joker and Harley Quinn are practically the poster partners. And they’re also the one couple on this list who are best left far apart from one another. Codependent, abusive, and downright crazy at times, the mad love between the Clown Prince and Princess of Crime causes endless pain for everyone involved. Their antics are anarchy at its finest. And while they can sometimes be entertaining, it’s for the good of all of Gotham that they see other people.

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