My Sideshow Story – Day 1

If you’re already part of the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group, you know that we’ve recently reached 40,000 members in this global geek community. Right now we’re also in the midst of the Sideshow’s Birthday Extravaganza, so what better time to break out the cake and balloons?

To meet and celebrate this 40K member milestone, we’re hosting a special giveaway called #MySideshowStory. You can join the group and contribute at

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For this challenge we’re asking our group members to share their favorite or most positive experience with Sideshow. This could be an interaction in Let Your Geek Sideshow, a prize they won, a memory from Comic Con—the possibilities are endless when Sideshow has just turned 27.

Every day of the Birthday Extravaganza, from Monday the 15th to Friday the 19th, we’ll be spotlighting some of our favorite stories. Below are just a few of the amazing quotes and photos already shared by our Geeksiders.

#MySideshowStory Posts


“…by some miracle I won a Bumblebee figure in a youtube giveaway. I can’t describe my emotions when I found out I won, not just because of winning but because I didn’t have money to get my little brother anything for his birthday. He loves Transformers, and I am not afraid to say I cried like a baby seeing his face light up when he unwrapped my present.”

Ray R.


“I’d have to say my favorite moment so far was my pandemic supervillain outfit I hastily put together for the StayInsideShow contest. I even won a pin for my efforts!”

Cory C.


“#mysideshowstory is about the community and how it’s given me such a wonderful outlet to express my personality and fandom met with such  support.”

Ian C.


“Back in 2019 for NYCC, Sideshow had a ton of giveaways happening, to include some awesome buddy challenge giveaways! I decided to enter one with my friend Rob, who was actually at NYCC while I was at home. He had to find a geeky item (probably not too hard to find at NYCC), sing a song related to it ON VIDEO, and I had to finish the song while doing the same. He then had to run over to the Sideshow booth and show them so we could each win an AWESOME Infinity War Thanos Hoy Toys! I’m so glad my embarrassing singing didn’t happen for nothing!”

Heather G.


“Those friend requests came in fast and furious(I’m already in the pun corner) It was no longer about the collectibles or the codes. It was about the group which I consider a family now. I was having a blast seeing everyone’s comments and doing what I could to bring a little joy or a smile to someone’s face as we all worked through 2020.”

Rubbish Bill

Do you have a Sideshow story to share? Join Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group and play along using the contest hashtag. Or let us know your favorite Sideshow memory in the comments right on this post!

Thank you for 27 years of letting your Geek Sideshow!