New Clint Eastwood Collectibles Unveiled!

Clint Eastwood fans must be feelin’ lucky because Sideshow’s latest Inside Look Video just gave us the very first behind-the-scenes look at a new sixth scale figure as well as two Premium Format™ statues!

This first reveal video shows Sideshow bringing three of Eastwood’s most iconic characters to life as limited edition collectibles — in close collaboration with the Hollywood legend himself!

New Clint Eastwood Figure and Premium Format Statues

With a pedigree of almost 30 years creating high-end pop culture-inspired art, plus long-established partnerships with Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and a wealth of classic movie licenses, Sideshow was the perfect choice to create the very first officially licensed Clint Eastwood figures. This exciting new creative endeavor was made even more special by the personal guidance and watchful eye of Eastwood himself.

The Man With No Name and Harry Callahan are the first two deluxe Premium Format™ statues to be revealed in the video. Plus, the fourth addition to Sideshow’s lineup of figures will be The Outlaw Josey Wales Sixth Scale Figure (alongside Dirty Harry, The Man With No Name, and Pale Rider‘s Preacher) — with hints at more Clint Eastwood collectibles coming soon!

Sideshow Creative Director Tom Gilliland spoke fondly about this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration:

“Clint Eastwood is a cinematic legend. As an actor, he has portrayed some of the most iconic characters ever to be filmed. It has been a career high during my many decades in the collectibles industry to art direct these pieces, working exclusively and closely with Clint himself.”

Sideshow’s designers, sculptors, painters, and fabric artists dedicated years of development to producing the highest quality representations of these beloved characters in collectible form.

Sideshow Costume Fabrication Artist Tim Hanson said:

“These projects have extended beyond just making something look right. We want to honor, truly, the legacy that this comes from. It’s connected to so many of us at Sideshow in a deeply personal way.”

As fans can see in the behind the scenes video, Clint essentially became another member of the creative team, offering valuable insights and knowledge for every detail along the way — from the expressions on the meticulously hand-painted portraits to the textures on the custom-made miniature clothing.

Clint Eastwood himself added:

“It’s exciting because it’s new to me. It’s fun to be a part of it in a small way. When you see the amount of work and effort, and the thought that has gone into it, I’m amazed that it’s as accurate as it is.”

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Based on Eastwood’s appearance in Sergio Leone’s essential spaghetti Western film The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, The Man With No Name Sixth Scale Figure features a meticulously crafted, hand-painted steely-eyed portrait of “Blondie” with his instantly recognizable trademark hat and cigar. The mysterious drifter wears a custom-tailored fabric costume including a dress shirt, pants, a pistol belt with holster, a faux leather vest with faux fur lining, a neckerchief, and a removable serape.

Accessories include a selection of interchangeable hands, a pistol with an embossed snake grip design, a rifle, spurs for his boots, and even a replica rock to recreate memorable scenes from this classic Western.

Shipping soon — pre-order now!

Based on Clint Eastwood’s gripping performance in the genre-defining Western Pale Rider, the Preacher Sixth Scale Figure features a hand-painted portrait of the lone horseman. He wears a custom-tailored fabric costume consisting of his weathered red duster, a black buttoned vest, a collared dress shirt, a neckerchief, and black pants. A faux-leather bullet belt and sculpted boots with spurs complete the Preacher’s outfit.

Accessories include two different revolvers and a selection of swap-out hands for a multitude of posing options. Pre-order the Preacher now!

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