What’s Next for The Legend of Vox Machina Season 3?

Prime Video’s The Legend of Vox Machina recently concluded with an epic season 2 finale. The party managed to kill a second member of the Chroma Conclave, Umbrasyl, but that threat is far from finished. Thankfully, we already have a confirmed third season on the way. While we wait for a release date, let’s look ahead to the Critical Role campaign moments we’d most like to see next.

Finding the Remaining Vestiges of Divergence

The Vestiges of Divergence are ancient artifacts and weapons created to battle gods. With these tools in hand, the members of Vox Machina have a fighting chance to beat the sinister dragons intent on burning down Tal’Dorei. During the original Campaign 1, Vox Machina ends up with eight total Vestiges.

In The Legend of Vox Machina season 2, the team found four Vestiges. Grog won the Titanstone Knuckles from his uncle Kevdak. Scanlan found, lost, and reclaimed Mythcarver, a silver blade which resonates with musical tones. Vax’ildan now wears Deathwalker’s Ward, a suit of armor which signifies his service to the Matron of Ravens. Finally, Vex’ahlia wields the longbow Fenthras, reclaimed from Saundor in the Fey Wilds. This leaves four Vestiges to be discovered by the heroes.


Notably, Vax is the only Vox Machina party member who acquires multiple Vestiges. In addition to Deathwalker’s Ward, Vax holds Whisper. Whisper is a legendary metal dagger. Kynan Leore gives the weapon to Vox Machina after his master Anna Ripley’s death — but more on that below.

Cabal’s Ruin

This magic-absorbing cloak will eventually belong to Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. He takes it from Anna Ripley’s corpse after killing her.

Plate of Dawnmartyr

The Plate of the Dawnmartyr is a religiously significant object that finds its home with Pike. Vox Machina wins this Vestige in a deal with a fire giant, wherein they have to kill a pit fiend in order to win their freedom as well as the item.

Spire of Conflux

For a while, the magical staff known as the Spire of Conflux is lost, as it was devoured by a great demon called Yenk. Together, Vox Machina defeat the beast and the Air Ashari Keyleth takes the Spire.

Defeating the Chroma Conclave

Defeating Umbrasyl took Vox Machina an entire season. But now the other dragons should be a piece of cake, right? Just like Brimscythe? Probably not. The remaining three members of the Chroma Conclave are likely going to cause our heroes quite a lot of problems in these upcoming episodes.


Less interested in politics, it is Vorugal’s love of a challenge that ultimately leads to his defeat. Our heroes prey on Vorugal’s desire for a proper lethal hunt and bait a trap with a demon from the abyss. Vex eventually deals the killing blow.


Thordak lords over the other dragons and demands tribute from the people of Tal’Dorei. You’ll remember his incessant calls for gold and treasure to fill his hoard, which supplies the necessary heat to nurse hundreds of mysterious eggs. Defeating the Cinder King is quite personal for the twins (as he killed their mother when he burned their home of Byroden to the ground), and they even gain a surprising ally in their final showdown with Thordak.


Raishan the green dragon is canonically the last to fall. We last saw Raishan disguise herself as Keeper Yennen in the season 2 finale. What does this mean, exactly? Is Keeper Yennen dead? Why does Raishan want to propose an alliance against Thordak, who she helped free from the Fire Plane in the first place?

Well, Raishan has plans of her own, thanks to the blight slowly killing her, and her partners’ selfish interests are getting in the way. She and Vox Machina form an uneasy alliance to topple the Conclave. Later, in an extremely difficult fight, the party kills Raishan for betraying them.

Traveling to Marquet

The party travels across the sea to the continent of Marquet to search for Cabal’s Ruin. The overall setting of Marquet becomes more significant in Campaign 3, AKA Bells Hells. The Exandrian timeline is not really lined up to have any Bells Hells player character cameos, given their ages and starting locations (like Laudna‘s subtle cameo in Whitestone during TLVOM season 1).

However, we could maybe get some location or NPC cameos as a nod to the current Critical Role campaign, given how much the series has fleshed out places like Ank’Harel, Aeshanadoor, and the Oderan Wilds by now.

Fighting Anna Ripley

Just to jog your memory: Dr. Anna Ripley served the de Rolo family of Whitestone before the Briarwoods took over. Percy naturally hates her guts. But if you want more of her side of the story, you can always check out the upcoming Whitestone Chronicles: Ripley graphic novel, written by Kith & Kin’s Marieke Nijkamp with art by Tyler Walpole. This upcoming comic release is set to give even more depth and backstory to this villainous figure.

More Than a Side Character

The shadowy antagonist Anna Ripley is due for a rematch against Vox Machina. Always slinking around supporting the main villains like Umbrasyl, Anna gets a chance to shine as a true threat later in the campaign. After all, have you noticed her own interest in the Vestiges? Anna Ripley, as it turns out, is on the hunt for Cabal’s Ruin.

In Campaign 1, Vox Machina journey to a city in Marquet called Ank’Harel. They are looking for the Vestige Cabal’s Ruin and its owner Mistress Asharru, and they do find her — but she’s long dead, assassinated by Anna Ripley. So Vox Machina pursues Ripley to the isle Glintshore. There they battle her as well as the demon Orthax — because Anna is always making pacts with powerful entities. When Vox Machina succeeds against these formidable foes, they gain Cabal’s Ruin and Whisper.

Percy and Scanlan’s Deaths

Sadly, getting Cabal’s Ruin requires a great sacrifice. Percy dies (twice!) in the battle. A blessed amulet from Pike manages to revive him mid-fight, but he falls once more before the battle is finished. Then, the party members bring his body back to Whitestone for a full resurrection ritual.

Later, Percy and Scanlan both perish in a bout against Raishan on the Island of Viscan. Percy is immediately revived, while the attempts to save Scanlan are initially unsuccessful.

Traveling with Taryon Darrington

Luckily, Scanlan does eventually come back. But upon waking, he realizes that Vox Machina told his daughter, Kaylie, of his passing — which directly breaks the promise he made to his daughter that he’d survive the coming battles. He lashes out and leaves the party to travel with Kaylie instead. Suddenly, the team is one member short — but a dashing engineer is ready to fill that role.

Thus steps in Taryon Darrington. A mechanical genius, he keeps a robotic/magical companion named Doty who helps him record all the adventures he experiences. He essentially hires Vox Machina to take him on “true adventures” as he fulfills a checklist of goals he has. While he’s not the most useful in a fight, Tary does provide some aid in terms of helping Vox Machina achieve personal goals. He’s around for Keyleth’s Aramente trials, to witness the defeat of Hotis, and to watch Vex become Baroness of Whitestone.

Does Scanlan come back?

Yes, the lovable bard does return. But we imagine that would occur closer to Vox Machina’s arc with the Whispered One. That’s a long one, so we imagine it’s going to take place during any hypothetical (and hopeful) future seasons.

In the meantime, we also have the animated version of Mighty Nein to look forward to. So Critters, roll your dice and get ready for many more awesome tales!

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