Vox Machina: What Are the Vestiges of Divergence?

Prime Video’s The Legend of Vox Machina returns on January 20, 2023. Like many fans, we’re anticipating the new season to dive pretty heavily into the Vestiges of Divergence storyline from Critical Role Campaign 1. Why? Well, these artifacts are pretty instrumental in defeating the Chroma Conclave, AKA that nasty group of dragons you saw in the Season 2 First Look video.

However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Below, learn more about the Vestiges of Divergence. Plus, learn which Vox Machina party members wield which Vestiges — and how they came into possession of each.

Warning: Major Critical Role Campaign 1 spoilers ahead! Proceed at your own peril.

Vestiges of Divergence

The Vestiges of Divergence are ancient artifacts dating back to the Calamity, which was a war between gods. Certain heroes fought against rampant, world-ending destruction with powerful weapons gifted to them by their patrons. Many Vestiges were lost in the aftermath of the battle. Others were inherited through bloodlines, buried with their owners, or locked away out of fear.

Rarer still is it to see a Vestige remain in use. However, some hardened, worthy warriors have earned the right to wield them through perilous quests or fearsome fights. The Vox Machina team is a perfect example, as each member went through great challenges to gain their own Vestige — or Vestiges.

Exalted State

Before we begin, we should mention that Vestiges each have three different states. A Vestige can either be dormant, awakened, or exalted. In its exalted state, the user is granted the most divine and extreme of abilities and power. However, the Vestige also takes a larger toll when used in its exalted state.

Vestiges cannot be forced into certain states. They change depending on their relationship with their wielder, as well as the power of said wielder. With that in mind, how many members of Vox Machina do you think brought their Vestiges to this level?

Cabal’s Ruin

Cabal’s Ruin is a shimmering leather cloak with gold trim. It absorbs magic and “swallows” spells, making it incredibly useful against anyone with such abilities. Previously owned by Dr. Anna Ripley, Cabal’s Ruin is now in the possession of Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, better known as Percy.


Whisper is a legendary metal dagger pulled from the Far Realm. It is currently held by Vax. Light dances across Whisper’s surface, giving it the appearance of a flickering flame. In its exalted state, Whisper grants its user a special ability wherein they can transform into a shadow and merge themselves with the blade. This functions like teleportation.

Deathwalker’s Ward

Deathwalker’s Ward is black leather armor that is covered in archaic runes and bears the The Matron of Ravens’ mantle. This armor is meant to be worn only by The Matron’s Champion. During his adventures, Vax’ildan retrieves it from the corpse with which it was entombed. By fully donning it, Vax accepts his role as the The Matron of Ravens’ newest divine exemplar.


Fenthras, or Wrath of the Fey Warden, is a longbow made out of everbark. Often Fenthras behaves like a living being, shifting and flexing at will to best suit an arrow or archer. Most notably, Fenthras changes shape when it bonds better with its user, something that occurs when Vex’ahlia carves the Elven word for “forgiveness” into it.


Mythcarver once belonged to the master bard known as the White Duke and now belongs to Scanlan Shorthalt. The silver blade resonates with musical tones. Mythcarver is the result of a collaborative project between a singer and a blacksmith and is thus infused with music between every fold of metal. In its exalted state, Mythcarver’s spirit can momentarily overtake its wielder.

Plate of the Dawnmartyr

The Plate of the Dawnmartyr is a religiously significant object. Also called the “Beacon of Protection,” this brass-and-gold armor is adorned with silver scrolling as well as priceless rubies. Vox Machina gets the armor after making a deal with a fire giant. As soon as Pike Trickfoot puts the Plate of Dawnmartyr on, it reaches its exalted state.

Spire of Conflux

The Spire of Conflux was created by Melora the Wildmother using her own breath. This wooden staff is passed down from generation to generation of Ashari leaders. The relic allows its wielder to cast powerful and enhanced spells. For a while, the Spire of Conflux was lost, as it was devoured by a great beast. Together, Vox Machina defeat the creature and the Air Ashari Keyleth takes the Spire.

Titanstone Knuckles

Grog Strongjaw wears the Titanstone Knuckles. These gauntlets are carved from the heartstone of an elemental titan. They grant their user immeasurable strength and might, growing or shrinking in size when used in their awakened state. The Titanstone Knuckles belonged to Grog’s uncle before being bestowed upon him.

Additional Vestiges

Since the Vestiges of Divergence are part of the entire Critical Role lore, they don’t just appear in Campaign 1! In Campaign 2, AKA the Mighty Nein, Fjord wields one. His longsword, the Star Razor/Dwueth’var, carries the blessing of the moon and a starlit night.

Additionally, the Crown Keepers —  some of whom went on to join the Bells Hells in Campaign 3 — stole the Circlet of Barbed Vision in the Exandria Unlimited miniseries. This gnarled onyx artifact serves the Spider Queen and twists its wearer’s face to amuse her.

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