New photos of Lady Deadpool are blasting through Sideshow!

Check out some new photos! Based on an alternate timeline, Wanda Wilson, aka Lady Deadpool is just as crazy as her male counterpart. Sideshow has packed this Premium Format™ Figure with tons of explosive display much like the Deadpool Heat-Seeker Premium Format™ Figure. This Marvel Collectible so much explosive energy into one statue that the fourth wall could hardly contain itself!

Standing 22” tall on top of a damaged red scooter, Lady Deadpool is kicking into action with her signature blonde ponytail waving in the wind. We’ve slapped some hilarious stickers on the scooter, and the license plate is a super secret reference to something totally awesome!

With no time to use anything but maximum effort, she is posed precariously kicking a missile in midair while she slices a bullet in half with her katana. She hasn’t even had to fire her gun yet and she’s already tearing the place apart. With an exciting swap-out, she can kick the high-flying Headpool into action, armed to the teeth with explosive dynamite.

The exclusive edition of Lady Deadpool comes with an unmasked portrait of Wanda Wilson herself.

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