Nine Days of Maniacs, Monsters, and Madmen- Day 3: Leatherface

Spooktacular is finally here, and what better way to celebrate this skin-crawling season than to take a look at some of the monsters that haunt your dreams and send chills down your spine.

Each day we will be diving into the realm of a different master of horror, finding what makes them tick, and how you can attempt to survive should you happen to encounter them… Sadly, those odds are not in your favor.

Another day, another maniac. And this one comes from a whole family of crazy cannibals…

Name: “Leatherface” Sawyer
AKA: Bubba, Jed, Junior… It changes depending on which film you are watching.
Classification: Serial Killer, Cannibal
First Appearance: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Location: The backroads of Texas


For the sake of sanity, we are going to stick with the original 1974 film, as Leatherface and his family may be the most rebooted of all the thriller/slasher film maniacs.

There really isn’t much known about the Sawyer family – only what has been pieced together from the accounts for various surviving victims. The most common story is that the family worked in a local slaughterhouse until they were laid-off due to more factory automation being put in place. Unable to find work, and too poor to buy food, the Sawyer clan resorted to killing and eating what they hunted: I.E. travelers making their way down the lonely back roads of Texas.

Leatherface is the largest and strongest of the family, and it’s his job to kill the people who happen to wander too close to the Sawyer’s home. He seems to be a bit child-like in mentality, prone to temper-tantrums and is easily intimidated and controlled by his brothers. The various masks he wears are the preserved faces of his female victims. They may hide some sort of deformity, but as he is never seen without one on, that is pure speculation.


Despite being big and strong, Leatherface is a normal person and has no supernatural abilities. That said, he is quite large and intimidating, plus the mask of human skin would be enough to strike fear deep inside anyone who came face to face with him. He is also quite adept with the tools used in slaughterhouses such as sledgehammers and knives, not to mention his favorite tool of choice, the chainsaw.


Leatherface is a normal, mortal human. So he can be hurt or even killed just like anyone else if you took the time to try and fight him off. That said, if you see a large chainsaw-wielding maniac bearing down on you, wearing a mask of human skin, you’re better off running than fighting.


Traveling down the secluded back roads of Texas? About 1 in 5. Maybe more if you don’t pick up any hitchhikers or need to stop for gas.

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