So You Want To Trade Your Soul to Sideshow- Spooktacular 2017

What would you do to win?

During Spooktacular 2017, Sideshow is giving away over $10,000 in prizes through contests and giveaways across various platforms, including Facebook, email, Instagram, Twitter, and even via livestreams on Youtube.

Apart from playing along with us on social media, collectors have a chance to take matters into their own hands and make a Spooktacular bargain using their own mortal soul as collateral for a prize-  We call this Spooktacular Soul Collecting!

But how does it work?

First, you must wait for the call for soul collecting offers– we can only handle so many souls at once!  Save your offers until an official post is created on one of our social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook with instructions and the appropriate hashtags, otherwise you may be throwing your soul to some wayward creatures who have no treats, only tricks in store!

Tell us what you would do in order to win a prize that you have been eagerly seeking to add to your collection.  We put the challenge to you, collectors, to tell us what fun things you would do in order to earn a reward of your suggestion.

This year already, we have had a winner dress as Chewbacca and complete a trip to the grocery store in character!  Others have offered to reverse Trick-or-Treat a whole week early and hand out candy in costume to passersby, all to be filmed and submitted to us as proof that we collected your soul for a day during the Spooktacular festivities!

In addition, wait for your soul collection confirmation!  Please do not complete a task for which the bargain has not been sealed, as we cannot award you for this.  You will know if your soul offer was accepted when you receive a message of confirmation from Sideshow or the Mistress of the Web.  You will need to send visual proof of the Sideshow social media post which claimed your soul when you submit your completed task.

Pick a prize, but prepare to play for it– Make sure there’s something in it for you!  No soul collecting offer is complete without an idea of what sort of prize you deserve for your pains. There are some prize bargains we simply cannot accommodate, such as life-size items, so we reserve the right to negotiate on your offer to make sure the prize appropriately matches the task set forth.  Hey, it’s only your soul you’re trading away here…

Keep it clean and clever– We want these soul collections to promote positivity and silliness!  We will never accept an offer that involves hurting yourself or another person in any way, or doing something dangerous.  It’s okay to be silly and embarrass yourself, or just do something plain nice for others.  We love that!  But remember to be safe.

Pay attention to who is collecting– Respect the soul collector!  Each person will bargain differently, but if you pledge your soul to Sideshow Susan in a message to the Mistress, your pleas won’t be heard.

Watch the clock– Soul Collecting operates under the “Cinderella” rule- you must complete your task (with visual proof!) by midnight on the same day your soul is claimed.  If you have not submitted by then unfortunately you must keep your soul, and your prize will be lost beyond the veil.

Never fear!  Your soul will return to you unscathed just after midnight if your task has been completed.  You wouldn’t believe how quickly our soul collecting closets get filled up, so you can have it back.  Rest assured, if you followed all instructions, you shall have your prize secured in our great big book of successful soul collections.

So, will you be one of the lucky souls who gets collected this year during Spooktacular 2017?  Only one way to find out…