Sideshow Staff Share Their Spine-Chilling Stories for Spooktacular 2017!

Do you believe in ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night?

For Spooktacular 2017, we asked Sideshow Staff to share their scariest spine-chillers, tales of true life terror that they witnessed with their own two eyes!  Behold these frightening features, these spooky stories, and tremble!

Childhood Chills

When I was 5, I was playing in my room with my stuffed animals and I happened to have a doll on a chair near the door. At one point I heard it say “mama”. It was not a doll that spoke and neither were any of my toys. I stared at it, while hugging the walls of my room as I ran out the door and refused to go back in until that doll was removed and thrown out. Still can’t speak bad of a doll in the same room.

Another time, when I was 13, I was sitting on my couch in the living room. I saw my little sister down the hall run into my room. She was always going in there and messing up my things so I yelled at her to get out of my room. My step mom then walked out of the kitchen with my sister in her arms asking why I was yelling she was with her. I swear I saw her clear as day. -Victoria

Wakeful Whispers

When I was young, maybe 10-12 years old, I was sleeping in a room I shared with my Grandmother in our small house. I was woken up by panicked family members. My mom, dad, grandmother, and older brother all looked scared, and that started scaring me. They said, “Are you okay?” and of course I had no idea what they were talking about. They told me that they all heard a voice that filled that house, but yet was whispering. The voice had whispered my name, and they all heard it except for me. -Alfred

Where You Least Ex-specter

When I was younger, probably 6 or 7, I used to see a little girl in different places of our house wearing a different color dress each time I saw her, but it was always either white or black.. just standing there staring at me. Every time I looked back, she would disappear, and appear again a few weeks or months later. My mom would just say it was my imagination so didn’t think anything of it. Now grown up, I sometimes hear my daughter, who is now 5, playing and talking to herself having a full conversation. When I ask who is she talking to, she replies “the little girl in the black and white dress”. -Agali

Frightening Footsteps

My aunt and uncle had this very strange, nearly life-size, wooden statue of a Native American in their house. It was about five feet tall, and looked to have been whittled out of a single very large block of wood. There was always something about it that struck me as odd though. Mostly I think it was because the figure did not have polished, well-defined features. Its face and body were jagged and unfinished, which caused the statue to have an uncanny, somewhat out-of-focus look to it.

My cousin would tell me stories of how the statue would move on its own at night. She even claimed that one evening she had fallen asleep in the room where the statue was displayed, only to awaken to see the solid wood piece sitting in a nearby chair. It was watching her sleep.

I didn’t believe her of course, and I assumed she had had a dream or was just trying to scare me.

That didn’t explain the footsteps though.

It was a fairly large house, with the family room located in the basement level. This was where we would play video games or watch television, and it was located directly beneath the living room where the statue was displayed. Some nights, when no one else was home, we would hear very distinct footsteps in that room and hallway above us. I remember it sounding like solid wood blocks walking across the hardwood flooring. Needless to say, I was never brave enough to go up and investigate it further.  -Daniel

A Haunting Hand

I was walking on a hiking trail; broad daylight and the kind of day that makes you glad you aren’t dead.  I had my headphones on and completely on the verge of a total zone-out when I felt a very unmistakable sensation of a hand on my back. I felt the warmth and point of the fingers….so familiar that it made me turn around expecting to see the face of a friend.

No one there. No one hiding behind me me and pulling a joke….nothing. Foot prints? Nada.  I stood there still and scared, not sure what to do. So, I turned to keep on the path……Right at that moment, a slithering, pissed off snake is blocking my path, pointing its little beady evil eyes right at me.

I jumped of course and backtracked fast enough to get out of the line of fire. Now, I’m not sure if this presence that put its hand on me was warning me in a benevolent manner, or just a part of the snakes plan to scare the bejeezus out of me. Either way, I have a story to tell at parties, the watercooler, in line at Target… So there! Shame on you, snakey. -Michelle

Theater Terror

I was in the performing arts department of my high school, and the drama teacher always used to tell us the gymnasium where we practiced was haunted because she had seen a ghost appear during performances in the past.  Most students believed her with a grain of salt, as the woman was generally very superstitious.  During rehearsals one year, a student fell while performing and hit her head severely and we ended practice for the day.  She was alright and took some time to recover.

A few days later, we went back to the gym for our next practice and before anyone got on the stage, we heard footsteps coming from the place where our castmate fell down.  We thought it might be someone pranking us from beneath the stage, but the platform was solid wood.  No one was moving, but we heard fierce thumping that actually rattled the gym floor.  Someone climbed onto the stage and jumped back down when she said she heard the steps right behind her.  We cancelled that rehearsal as well because no one wanted to practice, and we burned sage in the gym before trying to start fresh the next week. -Amy

Murderer Near-Miss

It was way back in August of 1969. My uncle was visiting and my dad took us to go horseback riding at Spahn Movie Ranch in Chatsworth (where we always went riding). Because my uncle was with us, my dad did not rent a horse for himself because he wanted to walk and take pictures of us riding. One of the usual ranch hands went with me on my other ridge, went with us on the ride. We took the path that crossed a dry river bed and would eventually go up into the mountains (where the old Wells Fargo stagecoach trail was). We had to walk our horses so my dad could keep up.

As we were riding in the riverbed, we came upon an old VW bug that had the hood up, and some hippies were trying to get it started. My dad, an auto mechanic, stopped, put down his camera, and offered to help fix it. My uncle and I continued our ride. On the way back down the mountain, we met up with my dad. He had fixed the car for them and the hippies were on their merry way to wherever hippies go to. We finished our ride and went home…

The monster part is…we were watching the news later a couple of months later and Spahn Ranch was all over the news……we realized that the hippie by the VW bug was Charles Manson and some of his followers and they were on their way to hide out in the desert after their killing spree. My dad actually fixed their get-away car. My ranch hand was none other than Shorty Shea, who was murdered by Manson tribe later that month…not terrifying at the time I was riding, but terrifying when you start to think of what could have happened… -Kathy

Poltergeist Push

I graduated from California state university channel islands, formerly known as the Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Before I even got there I had always heard that it was super haunted, people told stories about the scary dairy that was located nearby and how the library was built on top of the old hospital.

I was never really afraid of that, more intrigued really. Because I was transferring in as a junior I wanted to live on campus, a good way of making friends. Over the year I had heard a lot from our neighbors below us having encounters with two distinct figures that appeared in the corners of their room directly below mine. A woman that never spoke but appeared fairly clearly, and a man that they felt was some kind of threat. And this was in the new construction across the street from what was solitary confinement.

Luckily I never had to deal with those ghosties! Mine wasn’t quite as visual as it was tactile. The actual encounter happened late on a Sunday night just after winter break. I would go home to do laundry and what not, and come home late on Sundays- and when I say late, I mean like midnight to one in the morning late.

I was in the back parking lot a good walk from the dorms and directly next to some of the oldest and most rundown buildings, they were super creepy and have luckily since been torn down and replaced with more freshmen dorms. Poor fresh meat.

I was hauling all of my stuff, my laundry basket, a duffle bag full of stuff and my backpack. It felt off in general. I was cold and tired but I couldn’t help but notice I was completely alone, it was so quiet I could hear the massive powerline structure across a normally busy street buzzing. It was incredibly eerie.

I was about half way to the dorms when out of nowhere I was shoved forward. I didn’t trip, there was nothing to trip on, It felt as though I was shoved by a force but not like two separate hands. I was sent sprawling across the sidewalk my crap went everywhere. I didn’t scream- I was more shocked than anything really. Didn’t even bother looking behind me because I had checked and double checked only a minute or two ago and I was completely alone.

Completely panicked but still trying to keep my composure, I gathered my stuff and power walked faster than I have ever before and luckily didn’t die. -Emily

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