Nine Days of Maniacs, Monsters, and Madmen- Day 7: The Joker

We are counting down the days to Halloween, and what better way to celebrate this skin-crawling season than to take a look at some of the monsters that haunt your dreams and send chills down your spine.

Each day we will be diving into the realm of a different master of horror, finding what makes them tick, and how you can attempt to survive should you happen to encounter them… Sadly, those odds are not in your favor.

Sometimes death comes quietly. Sometimes it comes with the insane laughter of a mad clown. If you live in Gotham City, you pray you never hear the latter.

Name: The Joker
AKA: The Clown Prince of Crime, The Red Hood, The Harlequin of Hate, Puddin’
Classification: Serial Killer, Criminal Mastermind
First Appearance: Batman #1 (1940)
Location: Mostly Gotham City, but he can get around from time to time.


Not much is known about the man who came to call himself The Joker. Even the world’s greatest detective hasn’t been able to piece together what his greatest foe’s true name might be. The most commonly accepted origin is that The Joker was a man either willingly or unwillingly robbing a playing card factory, who jumped into a vat of chemicals to try to escape the Batman. Not the brightest escape maybe, but you do what you gotta do, right?

The chemicals changed the man’s skin to chalk white and his hair to fluorescent green, while also placing a semi-permanent grin on this face. More importantly, it fractured and warped the man’s mind. Now convinced the world is nothing but a cruel joke, he gives his new philosophy life by wreaking nihilistic havoc across the DC universe and killing as many people as possible.

Is this what really happened? Hard to say as even The Joker himself admits he doesn’t quite remember how it all went down. He doesn’t mind though, as he prefers keeping his origin story multiple choice.


As far a super-powers go, The Joker doesn’t really have any, and in truth doesn’t need any. His most cunning weapons are his unpredictability and his calculating (yet completely insane) mind. The Joker is an expert at setting death traps, and has a stable of murderous jokes that look harmless (such as playing cards, joy buzzers, and pop guns) until he uses them to kill you in some darkly humorous way.

He also seems to be an adept chemist, able to manufacture Joker Gas and Joker Venom that will kill anyone in a very short amount of time and permanently affix a very wide grin to their corpse. Well, anyone save himself that is. He is completely immune to his own gas and venom.

He’s also somehow able to cheat death over and over and over (and over) again. Any time you think he is gone for good, Joker always manages to come back, crazy as ever, and with a new plan to kill Batman and/or the citizens of Gotham City.


The Joker’s biggest weakness is that he isn’t very strong. In fact, there has been more than one instance where Batman has knocked him out with a single punch.

That said, if you aren’t Batman, are you really going to try to get close enough to punch The Joker in the face?


If you encounter the Joker, you can only hope the Batman is on patrol within earshot to save you. If not, at least you get to go out with a smile.

You can add the Clown Prince of Crime and many other Gotham City monsters and maniacs to your collection right HERE on the Sideshow website. Joker Gas not included.

Only two days left till Halloween! Come back tomorrow to see who the next monstrous profile may be! If you missed Day 6 of our countdown, click HERE.