Nine Days of Maniacs, Monsters, and Madmen- Day 6: The Xenomorph

We are counting down the days to Halloween, and what better way to celebrate this skin-crawling season than to take a look at some of the monsters that haunt your dreams and send chills down your spine.

Each day we will be diving into the realm of a different master of horror, finding what makes them tick, and how you can attempt to survive should you happen to encounter them… Sadly, those odds are not in your favor.

In space, no one can hear you scream. And if you come face to face with this next monster, you’ll be doing a lot of screaming.

Name: Xenomorph XX121
AKA: Alien
Classification: Alien, Monster
First Appearance: Alien (1979)
Location: The far reaches of space.


Internecivus Raptus or Xenomorph is an extraterrestrial carnivorous species that lives in a societal hive. And just like an insect hive, there are Xenomorph drones, soldiers, and a queen.

They start out their lives in an egg laid by the queen. When a person (or some other living creature) gets near enough to the egg, it opens and releases a spider-like facehugger. These parasites then wrap their legs and long tails firmly around the head and neck of their victims, while simultaneously shoving it’s ovipositor down its prey’s throat and implanting an embryo deep into the chest. This embryo grows very quickly, until it forcibly bursts from the victim’s chest in an explosion of blood and gore.

But it doesn’t stop there! The escaped embryo continues to mature very rapidly until it becomes a gigantic, murderous alien beast.

Oh! And because they are hive community of creatures, if you see one, chances are you’re going to see quite a few more before the night is over. They do mostly come out at night. Mostly.


Xenomorphs are incredibly strong and durable. Their outer carapace can protect them from most standard attacks, and their sharp claws, teeth, and spear-like tail will make short work of anyone who comes near enough. They are carnivores and hunters, able to quickly chase their prey through nearly any environment by clinging to walls and ceilings if need be. On top of that, their blood is a thick acid that can eat through just about anything (clothes, flesh, hulls of spaceships, etc.).

That said they are not invulnerable, and can be hurt or killed. How do you do it though? Well… just keep reading.


As mentioned, Xenomorphs can be killed, but you have to be extra careful how you do it. If you use a weapon that punctures its hide, their acid blood will spray from the wound like a tiny geyser. If you explode the creature, you get the same result. Obviously you would want to avoid getting that nasty acid on or near you, so your best bet would be the use of fire. Fire will not puncture the skin and keeps you from being stuck in the middle of an acid blood rainstorm.

Shooting them out an airlock into the vacuum of space is also a viable option.


If you are resourceful and only encounter one Xenomorph, your chances are about 1 in 7. If you encounter a hive? Game over, man.

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