Poll: The Best Pop Culture of the Decade- Movies, Comics, Video Games, and More!

As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time to look back not only on the best achievements of this year, but on the epic genre-defining, mind-blowing movies, games, comics, and more that shaped all of pop culture during the last decade.

Help us decide which of these titles deserves to be crowned the best in pop culture of the last decade.

Best Marvel Movie of the Decade?

Best DC Movie of the Decade?

Best Disney Movie of the Last Decade?

Best Star Wars Media of the Decade?

Best Comic Book Event of the Decade?

Best Video Game of the Decade?

Best Comic Series of the Decade?

Best Superhero Casting of the Decade?

Best Franchise Reboot?

Best TV Adaptation of a Comic?

And Finally… Baby Groot or Baby Yoda?

Thank you so much for helping us decide the best of the decade, and thank you for joining us through some of the biggest pop culture milestones. Raise a glass to 2020- with Black Widow, Wonder Woman 84, Birds of Prey, and more to look forward to, we’re sure that the next decade will be just as geeky and amazing as this last one.

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