POLL: Which Scream Queen Reigns Supreme?

Deep inside the cracks and crevices of society, lurking in the shadows of the night, there are terrible killers. Many of them get quite attached to their victims, but only a rare few of these victims defy all odds and live through it all.

The survivors have been through so much, and they take us through horror after horror against insurmountable odds. They are the Scream Queens (and Kings), and we experience the true horror of these films through their emotions and their stories.

Let’s meet just a few of these iconic Scream Queens and their villains before you vote on who you think is the best of them all!

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode

It was the Halloween of 1963 when six year old Michael Myers went mad and slashed his 17 year old sister Judith to death.

In one timeline of the film, his younger sister Cynthia was only two years old when this happened. After Michael went to jail, Cynthia was adopted and given a new name: Laurie Strode. But Michael Myers wouldn’t be stuck in jail forever. He’d escape, and do whatever it took to finish what he started. He would spend many years chasing after his sister Laurie until her untimely death at his hands.

In the 2018 Halloween film, which served as a direct sequel to the 1978 original, Laurie may no longer be related to Michael by blood (she also isn’t dead!), but she must always be the one to face the Shape in the darkness. Through some unnatural means, Michael Myers always seems to survive, and will even return in the 2021 film Halloween Kills. He cannot be stopped, but neither can this tenacious Final Girl.

No matter what movie, no matter his victims, it seems that Michael Myers will always come back to Haddonfield. And Laurie will be ready.

Marilyn Burns as Sally Hardesty 

Sally Hardesty, her brother Franklin, and her friends Kim, Pam, and Jerry go down memory lane during a group trip to Texas, even picking up an odd hitchhiker on the way. They decide to visit the old Hardesty family homestead, but don’t expect to run into a completely different family along the way. They didn’t expect to be a part of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Sawyers are a terrifying family of cannibals, each with a different eerie nickname. The most frightening of all is Leatherface, who takes the skin from his victims and wears them as a mask.

Sally is always clever and quick and takes any and every opportunity to escape the grips of the horrible Sawyer family, and the final shot of her delirious laughter as she escapes the killer’s chainsaw is one of horror’s most iconic ending scenes of all time.

Heather Langenkamp as Nancy Thompson

Nancy Thompson, from A Nightmare on Elm Street, moved in with her aunt to a notoriously haunted street. She keeps having the most terrible nightmares populated by the most gruesome figure: a vile man with a red and green sweater and knives for fingers.

She’s not the only one having nightmares of the killer, but she’s the only one strong enough to fight back. Nancy learns how to interact with the dream realm and does everything she can to defeat Freddy Krueger.

He’s rather hard to kill, so long as he can be remembered enough to appear in dreams. But again and again, she tricks him and defeats Freddy. Nancy even becomes a dream researcher so she can learn of his strange abilities. The actress even played a fictionalized version of herself in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, a meta-horror exploration of the Nightmare film series.

Adrienne King as Alice Hardy

In the Friday the 13th series, Alice Hardy was a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, the very same lake that Jason Voorhees died in… or so they thought.

While the camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake were distracted with their little flings and romances, Jason drowned. But inexplicably, he survived. Years later, Alice Hardy was caught up in her own flings and romances too as she worked the camp as it tried to revive its image.

Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mother, absolutely hated camp counselors for letting her son die. Pamela tried to kill Alice, but Alice fought back. Alice killed Pamela and escaped… for a time. Jason would find her and stab her with an ice pick, and place her body with Pamela’s.

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams

It’s time to meet our one and only Scream King on the list, from the Evil Dead movie series. Ashley “Ash” Joanna Williams is survivalist, and perhaps not entirely sane himself, though he’s one of the few Scream Queens as popular as other horror icons.

Ash was even cackling when he had to cut off his own hand to stay safe from the evil forces lurking in the dark. The iconic chainsaw hand makes him stand out in a crowd.

He and his friends released a demon from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (you know, like you do). This and many demons would chase Ash Williams throughout his story, and they may still be more demons waiting. Groovy.

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

From the very beginning of the Scream series, Sidney Prescott refuses to be the typical horror movie victim. She says it best herself. Stupid killers stalk women who can’t act and run up the stairs instead of running out the front door.

Sidney always acts. She defeats multiple killers and shares all of her experiences in a book just so she can help others deal with their trauma too. She is strong enough to even fight directly against Ghostface himself.

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley, from Aliens, toes the line between Scream Queen and Sci-Fi Heroine, but there’s no reason she can’t be both.

Against all odds, she faces down against the Xenomorphs multiple times, and is even able to survive against the Alien Queen.

Xenomorphs are supposed to be the ultimate predators, but Ripley is brilliant and uses all of the tools at her disposal to fight back, from flamethrowers to the Power Loader. Even the worst horrors in space will not stop her!

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