Sink Your Fangs Into Famous Vampires in Pop Culture

Vampires have hypnotized the masses and made their way into the focus of pop culture. There is something ineffably enchanting and exciting about them, whether it’s the desire to fly like a bat or sleep throughout the day!

Every generation and every medium gets new iconic vampires, and there are so many to love, from the classic Drac to more modern interpretations of the lore. Here are just a few famous vampires to sink your fandom fangs into.



Vampirella came from the distant planet of Drakulon. There, under the light of the twin suns, a full vampiric race thrived. Blood rivers ran freely for a long while. But after a while, the twin suns scorched her planet and the rivers dried. After a surprise crash landing from an Earthly astronaut, Vampirella traveled back to planet Earth.

Her stories span time, space, and genre. She is a horror host, a thrilling adventurer, a romantic, and more. Vampirella has the typical powers of mythological vampires. She can turn into a bat, she has enhanced senses, she extremely strong and physically powerful. She is extremely adept with telepathy and hypnosis. Most of all, she is immortal. And her stamp on pop culture is immortal too.

Dracula from Castlevania

Dracula wasn’t always the dangerous predator you know him as today. He was once a human called Mathias Cronqvist. However, once his wife died, he slowly slipped into madness. He was angry at God for taking his wife away, and in a massive act of defiance, he dedicated his life to finding immortality. And so, with his madness, and the mysterious power of an artifact called Crimson Stone, he became an immortal vampire and took on the name Vlad Drăculea.

He has the ability to spawn fire in a variety of ways, from spontaneous fire blasts to the ability to bring down massive flaming meteors. He can hypnotize creatures to his will, and most likely uses bats. He has the ability to transform into many creatures. And his ability, called the Power of Dominance, allows him to absorb the souls of monsters and use their abilities as his own.


Count Orlok is an iconic vampire who struck horror into the hearts of many movie goers. The creature hidden up in the mountains was referred to by many as “The Bird of Death.” The terrifying Count Orlok lived alone in his decrepit estate, but there’s one thing he wanted most: to feed. He craved blood more than anything else in the world.

Nosferatu is powerful and strange, and though he doesn’t appear to have any hypnotic abilities, and he is certainly horrid to look at, he does have some charm about him. Nosferatu is practically invulnerable to any threats, even a stake through the heart! The only way to defeat him is for a woman pure in heart to willingly allow him to feed off her long enough to distract him from the incoming sunlight.

Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

Bela Lugosi’s Count Dracula is perhaps the most charming and manipulative of all the vampires on this list. He welcomes Renfield into his home as the carriage driver, as the bat leading the horses, and as the Count himself. He makes Renfield his own personal slave and begins to enact his larger schemes.

Count Dracula is truly a powerful being with the ability to manipulate and hypnotize nearly anyone, save for Van Helsing himself. He can transform into a bat like most vampires. Most of all though, Count Dracula has large and terrifying schemes that most others cannot comprehend. His intelligence makes him perhaps the most terrifying of all.

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