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Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Trailer

Netflix shared an official trailer for Guillermo del Toro‘s Pinocchio. The trailer introduces the titular character, and promises to tell the tale that we thought we already knew. Pinocchio will become a real boy when the film premieres on Netflix on December 9. 

Shawn Levy’s Potential Star Wars Film

According to Deadline, Shawn Levy is in talks to direct a Star Wars™ film. However, this project would only begin after work on his current projects. He is set to direct Marvel‘s Deadpool 3 and the final episodes of Stranger Things before moving onto his next films. There is no further news about Shawn Levy’s potential Star Wars project at this time.

Ian McShane Joins John Wick Spinoff

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Ian McShane is set to star in Lionsgate’s John Wick spinoff Ballerina. He’ll reprise his role as Winston, the manager of the Continental, a hotel for assassins. He’ll star alongside the main character, played by Ana de Armas.

Star Wars: Andor New Episode

A new episode of Star Wars: Andor™ premieres today. In this episode, titled “One Way Out,” Cassian™ and his fellow inmates see a rare opportunity open for action. The tenth episode of Andor is on Disney+.

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