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Scream VI New Poster

Paramount shared a new poster for their upcoming film Scream VI. The poster is designed like a New York City subway map whose lines draw out the iconic horror mask. Each stop is named for a victim, and all lines connect to Sam Carpenter. Scream VI will slash into theaters on March 10.

The Bad Batch “Team” Promo

Star Wars™ shared a new promotion titled “Team” for their upcoming season of The Bad Batch™. The promo shows the team strategizing and fighting like never before. Season 2 of The Bad Batch premieres on Disney+ on January 4.

Star Trek: Prodigy Update

Co-showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman shared an update about Star Trek: Prodigy. They teased that season 2 of the show will feature a new ship and, says Kevin Hageman, “We’re going to see a lot more familiar faces.” Star Trek: Prodigy is on Paramount+ now.

Gen V Release Date

Amazon Prime shared an update about their upcoming series Gen V, a spinoff of The Boys. They teased a release window, though it’s clearly in the same satirical tone as most of their marketing. They shared a photo of the numbers 2023, both celebrating the New Year, as well as promising a premiere “sometime between now and December 31.” There is no further news about Gen V at this time.

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