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Wonka First Look

Timothée Chalamet gave us our first look at his role in the upcoming Wonka film. It shows him on set, in the snow, sporting Willy Wonka’s colorful coat and brown top hat. Wonka will stroll into theaters on March 17, 2023.

Scream Poster

Actor David Arquette, who plays Dewey Riley in the Scream films, shared a new poster for the reboot. The poster features Ghostface and the post reads, “It’s Always Someone You Know.” Scream will slice into theaters on January 14, 2022.

New Rick & Morty Anime Short

Adult Swim released a new Rick & Morty short called The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara. With Rick’s toaster broken, he and Morty go to Japan to find the perfect screw, and battle an old rival along the way. The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara is available to watch on YouTube now.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Casting

Three new actors have been cast for the second season of The Wheel of Time. Ceara Coveney will be playing the lead role of Elayne Trakand.. Natasha O’Keeffe and Meera Syal have been cast in undisclosed roles. The first season of The Wheel of Time ticks onto Amazon Prime on November 19.

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