Pose of the Day Challenge 6: Ready, Aim, Fire- Winner Reveal!

From the desk of Posemaster General, Terry Smith:

Hey, there, poser people! Here I am again, ready to announce the winners for this latest in a lengthening line of prompts for Sideshow’s Pose of the Day Challenge!

Just a little bit of housekeeping first, though. It kind of crushed me to have to disqualify a few photos that didn’t quite meet certain requirements. While I maintain that this is not a photo competition, it IS a figure posing competition. As such, the photo that you submit must include the full figure, so that I can judge how you posed it from head to toe. (You can have the best pose in the history of posing, but if I can’t see the legs, I can’t make a proper determination.)

More importantly, however, it’s important that the photo you submit feature only licensed materials. Figures, accessories, and stands are all included in this caveat.

Thanks for hearing me out on this. I’m looking forward to seeing future submissions from everyone that meet all of the necessary criteria.

Now…on to the judging!

Honorable Mention:

The first Honorable Mention for this round goes to the aptly-named hanshotfirst_starwars for this gangsta Captain Rex Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow preparing to deactivate a hapless Battle Droid. He showed excellent posing technique across the board, including a tastefully exaggerated posture on the Rex figure that, while totally breaking character, is a lot of fun all the same. Great job!

Honorable Mention:

Also worthy of note is dany_havoc_collector’s nicely-executed pose of a 501st Clone Trooper by Sideshow. Getting an armored figure to take a knee is a tough thing to pull off, but just take a look at how natural this looks. It’s just a few twists away from being a perfect pose. Great job, DHC!!!

Challenge 6: Ready, Aim, Fire Winner!

It seems I’m a sucker for Troopers, as this round appears to demonstrate. Having said that, this pose of a Hot Toys First Order Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Figure by connorhernandez15 hits almost all of the proper posing beats. (I’d go so far as to say it would make a textbook Premium Format™ Figure.)

With its film-accurate armor and sturdy undersuit, the First Order Troopers can prove to be quite a challenge to pose in such a dynamic matter. But Connor proves here that, with determination and patience, you CAN pull it off. Definitely worthy of this win.

Congratulations, Connor!!! Enjoy your Sideshow Birthday Pin!

And I’ll see you all Friday, April 17th, for the drop of the next prompt of Sideshow’s Pose of the Day Challenge!