Preview These Premium Art Prints Coming to Sideshow’s Online Comic-Con!

Sideshow’s Online Comic-Con is fast approaching, and we have plenty of exciting news for collectors looking to celebrate the summer convention season.

If you’ve never experienced it before, Online Comic-Con brings the fun to you for the month of July- because why should Comic-Con be limited to just five days? The best part is that there are no lines, no badges, no crowds- just you and all the awesome collectibles Sideshow has to offer! The event begins on July 1st, and will be full of plenty of action and activities for you wherever you are.

For fans of the Sideshow Art Print program, we will have several new Premium Art Prints available for Pre-Order during the online event. Sideshow has had the privilege to work with many incredible artists to produce these pieces, so take a look at what will be Pre-Ordering during Online Comic-Con!

For fans looking to add something unique to the Force of their Star Wars collectibles collection, Sideshow and ACME Archives are proud to announce the In a Galaxy Far, Far Away… Art Print by artist Adam Hughes. This print will have an edition size of 500 pieces, and each will be hand-signed by Hughes. Fans will also have a chance to win this art print in an Online Comic-Con giveaway.

Artist Olivia De Berardinis continues her series of powerful ladies of pop culture with the Harley Quinn: Daddy’s Lil Monster Art Print, based on Margot Robbie’s appearance in the film Suicide Squad. Bursting with bright colors in Olivia’s signature style, this art print captures the character’s energy and insanity all at once. This piece will have an edition size of 400, and each print will be hand-signed by the artist.

The Gotham City Sirens Artist Series Portfolio will celebrate Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau’s vivid reimagining of three of DC’s most famous femme fatales. First seen as an Artist Series of statues, these designs mix high fashion and pop culture for an incredible result. The edition size on this portfolio will be 225 pieces, each hand signed, highlighting Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy as only ‘Artgerm’ can.

Artist Alex Pascenko is bringing some explosive energy from an alternate dimension with the Lady Deadpool Premium Art Print. Featuring Wanda Wilson, who may or may not be just as crazy and deadly good-looking as her Merc with a Mouth counterpart, this art print is bursting with awesome Deadpool power. The edition size on this piece is limited to 225, and fans will have a chance to win this art print in an Online Comic-Con giveaway.

Finally, witness the grandeur of the Underworld with the Divided We Stand Premium Art Print by Allen Williams. Featuring the de facto leaders of Spirit, Flesh, and Bone, this Premium Art Print honors the cunning, resourceful, and devoted women within the world of Court of the Dead®. The edition size will be limited to 150 pieces, each hand-signed, and mourners will have an opportunity to win this art print in an Online Comic-Con giveaway.

Keep an eye out for these prints and more as Sideshow brings you a month of fun for Online Comic-Con.