Pride Month 2022: LGBTQ+ DC Comics Heroes

June is Pride Month, and the comic book world is celebrating all month long. Among DC Comics’ current titles, there are several books featuring prominent LGBTQ+ characters. From Superman: Son of Kal-El to Harley Quinn and others, the DC universe continues to lead the way in heroic inclusion.

There are quite a few queer heroes saving the day in places like Gotham City, Metropolis, Central City, and more. We broke down their backstories following Tim Drake’s historic coming out in Batman: Urban Legends #6. Meet those characters on our Tim Drake and DC Comics’ Queer Heroes blog, then get the rundown on even more diverse DC superheroes below.

Green Lantern

Sojourner Mullein

Alias: Sojourner “Jo” Mullein
Powers: Indomitable Will
Affiliations: Lantern Corps
Major Enemies: @Blaze-of-Glory
Fan Fact: Jo is assigned an unnamed sector far beyond Oa. With no official name or number, she simply calls it “Far Sector.”

Alan Scott

Alias: Alan Scott
Powers: Indomitable Will
Affiliations: Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron, John Stewart
Major Enemies: Legion of Doom
Fan Fact: Alan never joined the Lantern Corps, yet nonetheless wields a green power ring.

Green Arrow

Alias: Connor Hawke
Powers: In addition to archery skills like his father, Oliver Queen, Connor has limited precognition and regenerative healing due to genetic manipulation
Sexuality: Asexual
Affiliations: Team Arrow, Justice League of America
Major Enemies: Lady Shiva, Onomatopoeia, Constantine Drakon, Master Dusk
Fan Fact: After strenuous zen training, Connor is able to employ a gift of clairvoyance, once even sensing his father’s presence, proving him to be alive.


Alias: Nia Nal
Powers: Precognition, Astral Projection, Oneiromancy
Gender Identity:
Trans Woman
Affiliations: Supergirl
Major Enemies: Children of Liberty, the Anti-Monitor
Fan Fact: The character Nia Nal originated in CW’s Supergirl television series. Recently Dreamer arrived in the comics, with the stories written by none other than the actress herself, Nicole Maines.


Jonathan Kent

Alias: Jonathan “Jon” Kent
Powers: Flight, Super Strength and Speed, Invulnerability, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision
Affiliations: Jay Nakamura, Superman and Lois Lane, Nightwing, Damien Wayne
Major Enemies: Bendix, Lex Luthor
Fan Fact: To his journalist mother’s great pride, Jon was once arrested for marching with protestors.


Alias: Kate Kane
Powers: Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Archery
Affiliations: Batman, Gotham Knights, Detective Maggie Sawyer, Batgirl
Major Enemies: Alice and the Religion of Crime
Fan Fact: Batwoman is a proud lesbian and Jewish woman, and is also Bruce Wayne’s cousin.

Red Robin

Alias: Timothy “Tim” Drake
Powers: Gymnastics, Tactical Analysis
Affiliations: Bernard Dowd, Bat-Family, Teen Titans, Conner Kent
Major Enemies: Cluemaster, The Joker
Fan Fact: A young detective in the making, Tim Drake deduced the identities of the vigilante pair Batman and Nightwing after witnessing Dick Grayson perform at the circus.

Wonder Woman

Diana of Themyscira

Alias: Princess Diana of Themyscira, Diana Prince
Powers: Superhuman Strength and Durability, Enhanced Senses, Immortality, Animal Empathy and Communication
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliations: Zala-El (pictured above), Batman, the Amazons
Major Enemies: Ares, Cheetah
Fan Fact: Diana was fashioned from clay by Zeus and gifted powers from the pantheon of Greek gods.

Nubia of Themyscira

Alias: Zahavah
Powers: Superhuman Strength and Stamina, Immortality, Hand to Hand Combat, Swordsmanship
Affiliations: the Amazons
Major Enemies: Darkseid
Fan Fact: Nubia was born around the same time as Diana. Because they both come from the Well of Souls, they consider one another sisters.


Alias: Jackson Hyde (comics), Kaldur’ahm (television)
Powers: Electrokinesis, Enhanced Senses, Magic
Affiliations: Starfire, Young Justice, Aquaman, Black Manta
Major Enemies: King Shark, Ocean Master
Fan Fact: Jackson is currently dating Ha’Wea, a member of the Xebelian army.

The Flash (and Aquawoman!)

Alias: Jess Chambers
Powers: Speed Force Conduit, Accelerated Healing, Superhuman Agility and Reflexes, Cosmic Awareness
Gender Identity:
Nonbinary, Genderfluid
Affiliations: Adrina Curry/Aquawoman (pictured above), Batman, Barry Allen
Major Enemies: Protex and the Hyperclan
Fan Fact: Jess came from a parallel universe where the Flash Family had long since vanished. They chose to remain on Earth 0 in order to join the Justice League there — and also to keep dating Adrina.

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