QUIZ: Which Marvel Comics Villain Are You?

Our favorite heroes would be nowhere without villains to push them to their limits. After all, without the dangerous antics of a super-villain, what’s a super hero to do? There’s only so many cats in trees.

Lately, Marvel fans have been in an uproar over the High Evolutionary and his volatile entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just like his comics counterpart, the MCU’s High Evolutionary is terrifying. Chukwudi Iwuji brings this horrible villain to life, showing audiences that a true antagonist earns our fear but also our fascination.

Over in the comics, Marvel baddies are also having an interesting moment. Traditional X-Men villains like Apocalypse and Emma Frost have been reformed on Krakoa. Likewise, Venom has shifted into an only-slightly slimy antihero. But don’t worry. There’s always plenty of evil to go around. Take our quiz below and unlock your inner enemy.

Marvel Comics Villain Quiz Results

It’s okay to be curious about the darker side of comics and their super heroes … we won’t tell. Here’s a full rundown of all the quiz results — just in case you think your villainy has more than one flavor of evil.


When all is said and done, you really just want to watch the world burn. The pursuit of power is your true calling and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Beware your bloodlust; too much destruction can only leave you empty handed.


Absolute mayhem is the name of your game. Anyone who’s unfortunate enough to stand in the way won’t be left standing for long. Just remember that sanity is always an option — no matter how delicious violence might sound.


You’re a perfectionist. Deep down, you know that you were created for a higher purpose and you’re constantly seeking out that meaning. In your quest, you’ve gained immeasurable knowledge and skill. But the top is a lonely place.

Dark Phoenix

Others might claim to be all-powerful, but you invented the phrase. You’re life itself. And with life, there must be death. As you let the flames of creation lick and swirl around you, don’t forget that even you can be burned.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants


There’s no doubt that society has shunned you or rejected some aspect of who you are — and that’s certainly unfair. Your gifts are something to be cherished and not punished. However, when you lower yourself like those you hate, you’re no better than them.

Doctor Doom

Listen, we know you’re really smart. You know you’re really smart. But rubbing it in everyone’s faces will only get you so far. That cape looks amazing, though. Keep swirling, king.

Scarlet Witch

Life has been unkind to you. All you really want is to be surrounded by love. But when that happiness is taken away from you, there’s no telling what your wrath might incur. They’ll call you many names but the reality is, nobody can stop you.

Aside from the above nefarious players in Marvel stories, there are still plenty of villains like Green Goblin, Galactus, and Mojo who are wreaking havoc on today’s mightiest heroes. There’s always a chance to turn over a new leaf but then again, what’s the fun in that?

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