QUIZ: Which Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Are You?

The galaxy far, far away has seen its fair share of tumultuous time periods. Who could forget the Empire’s oppression or the vice-like grip of Darth Vader’s™ reign of terror? After all, Emperor Palpatine’s™ influence lasted all the way into the First Order™. However, none of that would have happened without the Clone Wars™.

As a series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ gave us beloved tales and further insight into our favorite Star Wars characters. So without further ado, let’s find out which Clone Wars character you are!

Quiz: Which Clone Wars Character Are You?

Want to See the Quiz Results, Do You?

Whether you’re Jedi™, Sith™, or something in between — the Force guides us all through curiosity. After the trials of our quiz, perhaps you’d like to see what could have been. Here are all the quiz outcomes!

Anakin Skywalker™

People have often complimented your natural talent. You’re confident in your abilities to succeed, and that intuition will take you far. You’re also very passionate, sometimes even unpredictable. You trust your instincts above all else — most of the time, you’re not entirely wrong. Maybe just … tone it down a pinch.

Ahsoka Tano™

You are independent. Rules are important, sure, but if they are holding you back then you’re never afraid to strike out on your own. That is a rare quality so never lose sight of it — even if others doubt you. When you’re following your own path, that’s when you will be the happiest.

Asajj Ventress™

There’s no denying you are gifted and powerful. But perhaps you feel caught between two worlds, underestimated by both sides. In the end, you will always be admired for whatever you choose to do because, let’s face it: Few are a worthy match for your skills.

Bo-Katan Kryze™

For you, honoring the past is important. History reminds us who we are and informs us on how to build a better future. In your fight to defend what you love, make sure you don’t lose sight of your surroundings along the way.

Captain Rex™

Loyalty is one of your foundational qualities, which is why so many people admire you. It’s also why you’re a natural leader who encourages their team and peers to be their best selves. On the other hand, you also stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the grain. Keep leading by example!

Darth Maul™

There’s a deep anger in you but it’s driven by the desire to be the best. You seem almost … split in half, by your ambition and your rage. When you manage to let go of those negative feelings, there’s no telling what you’re capable of accomplishing.

Obi-Wan Kenobi™

People look to you for guidance because you see things as they are. You never back down from a difficult decision and you’re extremely pragmatic. Sometimes your love for others might feel like a burden but ultimately it will be a light in dark times.

Padmé Amidala™

Like Padmé, you value liberty in all its true forms. You seek to uplift those who need it while supporting the systems to keep them afloat. You’ve always been valued for your ability to resolve conflict and act as a pillar of strength. In fighting for others, make sure your own voice has its place to be heard.


Wise, you are. Bound by others’ expectations, you are not. At first glance, people might think they know everything about you but there’s so much more swirling under the surface. You’re not afraid of change and that will be what carries your legacy into the stuff of legends.

Knowing what you know now, will you retrace your steps and take the quiz again? There are multiple paths to becoming a hero … or stepping into the dark side.

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