Rare Finds: Batman Collectibles from Gotham and Beyond

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Holy Rare Finds, Batman!

Fear can drive a person to ruin, or it can forge their resolve to be better. For Bruce Wayne, it was the latter. To face his fear of death, darkness, and everything he can’t control, he took on the persona of the Batman.

Once he slipped on that cowl, Batman became the Caped Crusader of DC Comics, the vengeance who would strike back at anyone attempting to corrupt Gotham City. Batman can be distant and headstrong, but he always gets the job done. Over the years, many vigilantes and heroes have been taken in by the Bat-Family but there will always only be one Dark Knight.

Batman’s gadgets and combat suits are second to none. That’s why the following items would make the worthiest of additions to your Batman collection — from protective figures to illuminating decor, you’re bound to find something among these Bat-treasures.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises 1:6 Diorama by Iron Studios

Face your knightmare scenario.

Many have tried to defeat the Batman … few have succeeded. Inspired by Frank Miller’s legendary design, this 1:6 diorama from Iron Studious depicts a scene straight out of Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Batman, despite overwhelming odds, emerges the victor in a gruesome showdown against the Leader of the Mutant Gang. Bloodied and battle-ravaged, this is Batman at his most brutal.

Batman LED Logo Light by Brandlite

It’s a (Bat) sign!

A two-faced man once said, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” With this LED Batman logo from Brandlite, you’ll never have to wait in fear for the dawn again. Light your own way using the famous Bat-Signal, a symbol of safety known far and wide. Neon gold and a crisp, sleek black outline of the bat will be all you need to keep villains at bay and light up your own Bat-Cave.

Batman Last Knight on Earth Q-Fig Elite by Quantum Mechanix

Who’s laughing now?

In Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman: Last Knight on Earth, Bruce Wayne is corrupted by death and distrust. Only a clone of himself is capable of correcting Omega’s terror, and that hero is recreated here in this highly detailed small-scale collectible. This Batman, clad in a straightjacket uniform with billowing straps, is accompanied by the head of The Joker, whose wisecracks are a feeble guiding light in this dark apocalypse. Batman’s scowl says it all.

Batman Lava Flow Vinyl Collectible by 3D Retro

Hold on to your bats!

Joe Ledbetter’s surreal artistry utilizes the iconic yellow and black to create this one-of-a-kind vinyl collectible. The bat is a source of strength for Bruce Wayne, a representation of the fears he has learned to live with. With this limited edition designer collectible from 3D Retro, your fears have never looked better! Wings outstretched and fangs bared means this bat is ready to hang wherever, whenever.

Ninja Batman with Horse by Star Ace Toys Ltd.

Settle the feud once and for all.

When Gorilla Grodd’s Quake Engine malfunctions inside Arkham Asylum, Batman is sent back through time to feudal Japan. There, this medieval Batman must learns the ways of the ninja, adopting samurai-inspired armor, to face Lord Joker. And instead of his Batmobile, Batman rides into battle atop his trusty steed instead! The intricately detailed Ninja Batman is armed with two katana, two Batarangs, and two kunai —everything a feuding Dark Knight needs.

Birth of Batman Print by Allen Williams

Beyond a shadow of a bat.

What’s more powerful than the Angel of Death? The Bat of Vengeance, of course. In this haunting Batman artwork, the silhouette of the Batman looms over his parents’ grave. Though he is a protector, Bruce Wayne is always partially in darkness, and this fine art print from Allen Williams shows the hero’s eternal inner struggle in exquisite monochromatic hues.

Whether he is thwarting an enemy’s plans or confronting his own inner demons, Batman is a captivating hero. He follows his own rules and answers to nobody. Add these unique Batman items to your collection in honor of Gotham’s original vigilante.