Rare Finds: Batman Villain Figures and Collectibles from the BatCave

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Holy Rare Finds, Batman!

It’s no secret that Batman has some of the most colorful, crazed, and creative villains in all of comic book history. Their files fill the Batcomputer, their tools of the trade are encased in the Batcave, and their arrest warrants plaster the streets of Gotham City — there’s a reason they’re called a Rogues Gallery! They make quite a spectacle on their own and working together against the Dark Knight.

Whether you take after the World’s Greatest Detective in his quest to dispense justice or you’re a fan of the fiends he fights against, there’s no shortage of Batman collectibles to decorate your space. If your personal secret hideout is in need of some inspiration, don’t miss these Batman villain figures and other collectibles. Just remember, crime doesn’t pay (but it can earn you Sideshow Rewards)!

Modern Batman (Deluxe Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Star Ace Toys

The Batman with a Bat-Plan.

If you’re thinking about tracking down the rogues like Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and The Joker, you’re going to need strategy, supplies, and a secret identity. Why not bring in the Modern Batman Sixth Scale Figure by Star Ace Toys? Based on his appearance in Batman Ninja (pre-feudal Japan, as the name would imply), this figure showcases the best of Bruce Wayne’s tech and skills for taking down criminals. The Deluxe Edition has additional accessories, including an unmasked portrait, a spear, and a Quake Engine, plus the high-tech suit includes light-up features in the mask and body armor. Perfect for stopping crime in every era!

The Joker’s Calling Card Statue by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Pick a card, any card!

If you need someone to make you smile, you know who to call. The Joker’s Calling Card Statue by Cryptozoic Entertainment will leave his mark on your life as well as your collection. With weathering details, a sickly purple glove, and that ghastly — yet no doubt alluring — green, this statue will surely stand out among your DC Comics collectibles. And with four different removable and interchangeable Joker cards, you can make your display interactive … almost as fun as the games The Joker sets up for his beloved Batman!

Catwoman 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Hello there.

Me-wow. Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic take on Selina Kyle has left audiences purring with delight for decades now. Her high gloss catsuit stitched to hell and back again is one of the most beloved renditions of the character’s costume over the years. Here, Iron Studios recreates it expertly in the Catwoman 1:10 Scale Statue, complete with her signature bullwhip and Miss Kitty. Every stitch, zipper, and seam shines bright against the black suit as the villainess reaches out seductively with her clawed hands. Hand-painted and limited edition, you won’t find this statue in the window of Shreck’s (and we don’t recommend dropping her out of any windows, no matter how often cats land on their feet).

Two-Face 1 oz. Silver Coin by New Zealand Mint

This coin won’t put a Dent in your budget!

Harvey Dent and Two-Face are two sides of the same coin … on the same side. While it might not be the easiest to flip for life-or-death decision making, this Two-Face 1 oz. Silver Coin from New Zealand Mint is a genuine precious metal addition to any collection. The colorful coin is limited to an edition of only 5,000 ever minted and comes in a compact collector’s box with a viewing window so you can see Dent’s iconic two-toned portrait in a full-on rage. Heads or tails — either way you come out on top!

Poison Ivy Wall Hanging by Xhanthi (Atomic Misfit)

You grow, girl!

When weeding through wall decor options, it can be hard to find the right one for you. If you’re looking to liven up your environment with something truly unique, why not pick the Poison Ivy Wall Hanging by Xhanthi? This three-dimensional art piece features a sculpted cameo portrait of Dr. Pamela Isley herself, complete with a ready-to-hang frame display. The floral border design ties the piece together and makes a gorgeous choice to grow any collection. And her alluring gaze will definitely guilt you into remembering to water those houseplants!

Harley Quinn 1:3 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Enough clowning around!

Quit pouting, Puddin’! We’ve got a whole circus of fun ahead of us. The Harley Quinn 1:3 Scale Statue by Iron Studios rests upon the remnants of a dilapidated amusement park, fitting for a lady who’s always looking to entertain herself. Harley’s playful portrait shows her trying to figure out exactly what trouble she could get up to next. Undoubtedly, you will also find endless enjoyment playing “I Spy” with all these little details! Sure there’s Bruce the Hyena, and an old cartoon-style bomb, but what else is in the mischievous medley? Better find out before that bomb goes BOOM.

Batcave Diorama by Factory Entertainment

Quick, to the Batcave!

Did a villain perfect their shrink ray? Or is this just an incredibly detailed Batcave Diorama by the creative minds at Factory Entertainment? This 1:50 scale model even features LED lights with a variety of pulsing and color changing effects, plus a turntable display. There’s also a small external view of the Batcave with a removable faux rock wall panel, a perfect fit for your own personal Batmobile model (not included). Select movable furniture gives you added display options, and each piece is hand-numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity. Now that’s worth doing the Batusi about!

Well, chums — make your own gallery of rogues or Bat-Family of figures with these and more DC Comics collectibles available now through Sideshow.com. Consider this your lit Bat-Signal in the sky to inspire a new collection. (You’ll have to provide your own Alfred to assist in cleaning your new figures, though.)

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