Rare Finds: Dragon Statues & Figurines for Fantasy Lovers

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These Dragon Collectibles Are Fire!

From the classic fairytales of princesses and knights to the world of tabletop gaming, dragons have dominated the popular imagination since ancient times. Their scaly forms and fire-breathing tendencies have been revered and feared in legends and myths for millennia. Every culture has their own species and styles of dragon — including pop culture!

Sideshow.com has a wide range of dragon statues, fine art, and figurines from the worlds of gaming, film, and beyond. These fierce, flying creatures range from adorable to awe inspiring, and will make a fabulous addition to any shelf or wall. So, what are you waiting for? Fantasy collectors won’t want to miss out on this treasure hoard of dragons ready to ship to you!

Spyro 2: Classic Ripto’s Rage Statue by First 4 Figures

Reignite your collection with a gaming classic!

For a fire-breathing dragon, Spyro sure is cool! This headstrong hero of his own franchise is known for spitting sass as much as flames, along with the help of his trusty dragonfly Sparx. This Spyro the Dragon Statue is inspired by the cover of Ripto’s Rage, the sophomore outing of his series. The base is ringed with a fire effect while Spyro stands confidently on a green, grassy hill.

The PVC collectible is vibrantly colored and perfectly captures the beloved dragon character from every angle. Power up any video game collection with this addition from First 4 Figures today!

The Last Dragon Skull Prop Replica by Nemesis Now

Perfect for an adventurer’s trophy wall.

Whether it serves as a reminder of epic quests gone by or as a warning to any young upstarts entering your dangerous dungeon, the Last Dragon Skull Prop makes a unique addition to any display. But don’t worry — no dragons were harmed in the making of this fantasy collectible!

Created by Nemesis Now, the collectible prop is cast in high-quality resin and hand-painted for that worn and weathered bone look. Highly detailed with cracks and bone texture, this skull brings an ancient beast right into your home.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (White Variant) Statue by First 4 Figures

A coveted card summon, now on your shelf!

Perhaps one of the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a fearsome beast. It is said this legendary monster is “virtually invincible” thanks to its massive attack power. Now, duelists can bring home the beast with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Statue by First 4 Figures.

Its base evokes the ancient Egyptian designs from the series, specifically the battle between Pharaoh Atem and Priest Seto, where it battled the Dark Magician. This highly detailed PVC dragon statue also features metallic paint applications that make it glisten and shine. Your enemies will tremble in fear when you play this collectible in attack mode.

Dragon’s Cave Fine Art Print by Greg Rutkowski

Set the scene for an epic quest!

Whether or not you recognize the name Greg Rutkowski, you might recognize the art. His phenomenal fantasy designs have been seen featured in official publications from Wizards of the Coast, including Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. Dragons, wizards, and medieval armies are often the subjects of his mesmerizing scenes, both original and licensed. In Dragon’s Cave, a mage prepares a fiery offense for the awakened wyrm deep within a craggy cavern.

Sideshow offers a number of Rutkowski’s original designs as limited-edition fine art giclée prints and framed canvases, giving art collectors multiple options for exhibition and presentation. See even more dragons and fantasy artwork by Greg Rutkowski directly at Sideshow Art Prints!

Fatalis Creator’s Model Collectible Figure by Capcom

A Monster Hunter must-have.

Are you brave enough to face down an Elder Dragon? This intricate model of the vicious black Fatalis from the Monster Hunter series stands over 12″ tall and over 16″ long. Its scaled body is detailed with black, gray, and pale underbelly colors while its muscular wings are textured uniquely to simulate the powerful appendages in action.

Fatalis rests on a rocky base, its forelimbs posed and ready to lash out. Its snarling portrait reveals a mouth full of lethal teeth. Monster Hunters, the quest ends here! Capture this legendary creature today.

Maleficent Dragon Q-Fig Max Elite Collectible Figure by Quantum Mechanix

She hates not being invited.

Maleficent knows a thing or two about FOMO — it makes us rage too! But not everyone can turn into a massive black and purple dragon that breathes green fire. This Disney collectible figure captures the iconic villainess in a destructive fury, stomping over the grounds of the castle like it’s no big deal.

The Maleficent Dragon Q-Fig Max Elite measures 8.5″ tall and 6.25″ wide, capturing every animated detail in three dimensions, from the tips of her horns to the ends of her outstretched wings. Don’t fall under a sleeping curse — you know you have to bring her home for your collection!

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