Rare Finds: Famous Mask Prop Replicas and Collectibles

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Turn and Face the Strange

Face it — from super heroes to slasher killers, wearing a creative mask is a must in pop culture. They can conceal identities, add an air of mystery, or simply transform someone into an entirely alternate persona. Some think that the person you are under the mask is what matters more, but these false faces can be extremely effective at introducing an entirely new character or identity to a story.

Throughout video games, movies, and more, these famous faces represent change and challenge — whether they represent epic boss battles, personal evolutions, or villainous might. Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies or hide your inner demons with these famous mask replicas and collectibles.

Majora’s Mask (Collector’s Edition) Statue by First 4 Figures

Time travel optional.

While we might not have a Happy Mask Salesman on hand, we can assure you this Majora’s Mask replica statue is just as fine as any you’d find in Termina. First 4 Figures has recreated this cursed curio in exceptional detail, with a light-up feature in the base and eyes. Bring this iconic The Legend of Zelda boss to life with two different LED modes — static and pulsing — that can be activated by motion sensor. Much easier than obtaining a boss key and stopping the moon from crashing into your planet, right? There’s no turning back the clock if you miss this one!

The Wolf Man Mask Prop Replica by Trick or Treat Studios

A spooky treat just fur you.

There’s no need to wait for the full moon to witness this iconic werewolf design! Trick or Treat Studios makes it Halloween all year long with their Wolf Man Mask Prop Replica, expertly recreating the beloved beast’s on-screen appearance. This collectible monster mask prop replica is officially licensed by Chaney Entertainment, with the lycanthropic likeness of actor Lon Chaney Jr. from the 1941 classic. It even features a carefully applied synthetic fur design for added realism, so even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night can enjoy bringing out the wolf in any collection.

Darth Vader™ Reveal Deluxe Magnet Set by Regal Robot

The magnetic Force is strong with this one!

Though Darth Vader claimed that he killed Anakin Skywalker, his iconic mask and helmet kept the truth hidden from the galaxy — that noble Jedi™ knight was in there after all. Regal Robot celebrates the dark side and the light with this premium resin-cast and hand-painted magnet set inspired by the Sith™ and his meditation chamber from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™. Both the helmet and bust are magnetized for a dynamic display as Darth Vader or as the man beneath the mask. Search your feelings — this one will tug at your heartstrings.

T-1000 Art Mask (Deluxe) Life-Size Bust by PureArts

Say … that’s a nice statue.

The T-1000 might not be able to form complex machines, but it can become one incredibly detailed collectible. Just ask the incredible sculptors at PureArts, who have created this deluxe T-1000 Art Mask bust in the likeness of the nigh-unstoppable, next-gen Terminator. A rippling liquid metal effect exposes the true nature of this ruthless killer, with an expert likeness of actor Robert Patrick in his police uniform. The deluxe edition includes a stabbing hand that can be displayed in multiple configurations, creating a must-have display for T2 fans. No judgment!

Shao Kahn Mask Prop Replica by Trick or Treat Studios

Finish him!

The battles in Mortal Kombat can get pretty deadly — just ask this guy! Based on his appearance in the ninth installment of this beloved fighting franchise, the Shao Kahn Mask Prop Replica is carefully sculpted in the likeness of this terrifying tyrant. The mask is created from injection-molded plastic to retain the expert level of detailing and even features straps for fitting. Take the fight to your friends with this video game prop replica, and remember — always wear proper headgear when performing a fatality.

Safin Mask (Fragmented Version) Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment

No better time to add to your collection.

Many James Bond villains have had unique personal traits or distinguishing features — Lyutsifer Safin is no different. From 2021’s No Time to Die, this beautiful and mysterious mask is based on traditional Japanese Noh theater and is fragmented as it appeared on screen, used to hide the villain’s scarred face. Factory Entertainment’s Safin mask replica was created after extensive study of the original props, is cast in heavyweight epoxy, and features concealed rare-earth magnets to affix it to the included display stand. Uncover the intrigue behind the latest in the Bond series with this expert replica.

So many familiar faces — surround yourself with these iconic pop culture masks and add a little extra character to your collection.

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