Rare Finds: Mecha-Cool Robot Collectibles

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Asimov’s Laws Don’t Apply Here

It’s hard to find a science-fiction story that doesn’t feature a friendly automaton somewhere in the mix โ€” and don’t worry, Skynet isn’t a problem just yet. The idea of metal men has captured popular imagination for over a century now, and it’s not hard to see why. Robots can be loyal foot soldiers, invulnerable allies, and even giant mechs that protect us from even bigger monsters. But despite their cold exteriors, there’s something undeniably human about these technological titans.


Whether you’re building an elite army of awesome androids or looking for a new companion to keep hidden from the government, take a look at these mecha-cool robots to team up with before the singularity hits.

Classic Cylon Centurion (Gold) Figurine by Eaglemoss

By your command…

Though the original reptilian Cylons had a grudge against humans, we can assure you this detailed figurine is 100% less murderous than your standard Cylon Centurion. Based on the classic Battlestar Galactica baddies, this cycloptic robot is sleek and suggestible, ready to take orders from its commander. (Hint: If you bring one home, that could be you!) What better way to preserve humanity’s chance at survival than befriending the #1 foe?

GX-88 Vehicle Voltron (Armored Fleet Dairugger XV) Collectible Set by Bandai

No license needed to pilot this robot.

If you’re going to defend the universe, you’ll want to cover as much terrain as possible. The GX-88 Vehicle Voltron is ready to take on threats across the air, land, and sea with 15 different vehicles that combine into one super cool robot. More than the sum of its parts, you can enjoy this collectible set in three combat team modes, all detailed with vibrant paint and articulated elements that will leave you ready to take charge of the fleet.

Iron Giant Mecha Figure by Mondo

Your collection is what you choose to be.

Welcome to downtown Coolsville! Population: the Iron Giant Mecha Figure from Mondo. This lovable lugnut is going to need someone to show him the ropes and keep him out of trouble โ€” that means no eating power lines. With a curious spirit and a desire to be a hero, the Iron Giant will feel right at home with your other action figures (like Superman, perhaps). Just try not to let this one explode in Earth’s atmosphere.

Transformers Soundwave and Ravage DLX Collectible Figure by ThreeZero

Deceptively catchy beats โ€” unless you’re an Autobot.

Soundwave has the skills and stealth to get into any Autobot stronghold, like a really bopping song you can’t quite get out of your head. Just don’t ask him to play a song you can dance the robot to. With spy-trooper Ravage hiding inside his chest, there really is more than meets the eye to this incredible die-cast collectible. Two articulated figures in one deluxe presentation? That’s music to our gears!

MechaGodzilla Defo Real Collectible Figure by X-Plus

Those metal-ing kaiju!

Whether he came from beyond the stars or right in the Earth’s own backyard, this monstrous mech might be the one thing standing between humanity and the wrath of Godzilla. Of course, loyalties get kind of blurred when we find ourselves rooting for the giant atomic lizard instead of against him. MechaGodzillaย is a friend to the children, though, and will make a wonderful protector of your collection.

Always remember to thank your robot companions! You never know if they’re listening โ€” and in the rare case an uprising occurs, you’ll want to be on their good side. Dedicating your collection to these mighty mechs is a great way to show your devotion.

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