Collector Community: Star Wars Fan Favorites

There’s no one definitive way to be a fan of pop culture, and there are no rules for displaying all your favorite fandom collectibles. At Sideshow, we celebrate the passion of a global collector community, which is exactly why we wanted to see how you display your collectibles.

Sideshow’s incredible collector community has come together this week to share their love for all things Star Wars, from the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim to the interior of the Millennium Falcon™.

In every era of Star Wars, the galaxy far, far away is always full of secrets. Some of those secrets, such as Grogu™, promise the return of the Jedi™. With the arrival of the Mandalorian™ and Grogu, the balance of light and dark could once again tip in favor of the Jedi. When Din Djarin, AKA the Mandalorian™, brings the Child to Luke Skywalker™, Luke sees the possibility of a Padawan™. Though the Force works in mysterious ways, a new hope is often somewhere on the horizon, if one only looks hard enough.

However, not all is well within the galaxy. There is usually some remnant of the Empire waiting to strike back, lurking in the shadows. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo™ know this all too well, as does Captain Rex™. The trustworthy leader among clone troopers has had to contend with Order 66, a devastating command from Emperor Palpatine™ himself. The effects of this decision would be felt for decades to come. Other figures, such as Paz Vizsla™, seek to restore their homeworlds to their former glory, when the Empire’s influence hadn’t corrupted tradition.

But of course, amid all the blaster showdowns and lightsaber duels, there’s always time for a quick game of Dejarik™.  This wildly popular holochess™ game is the perfect distraction on a long interplanetary flight. Just don’t play with a Wookiee™ — they’re known to be a little competitive.

Here’s a small selection of some of our favorite displays shared by you, the fans!

If you want to participate in the collector community, we’d love for you to share photos of your favorite statuessixth scale figuresand collectibles. Check out our blog on How To Submit Photos for Sideshow’s Collector Community. Then, other fans across the globe can be inspired by your collection and display ideas- plus, you might find a new fandom friend!

Which photo of these Star Wars collectibles calls to you? Have you found the perfect fine art bounty to add to your Star Wars artwork collection? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!