Rare Finds: Music Memorabilia for Pop Culture Collectors

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The Sweet Sound of Collecting

Music to our ears! While most people think of songs and melodies as a purely auditory experience, fans and collectors have always enjoyed physical reminders of their favorite bands, soundtracks, and shows. Music memorabilia helps listeners connect with the moments spent listening to their favorite tunes, whether by evoking the band’s own style, your emotions, or just the incredible designs of posters, album covers, and logo merch.

While the ticket stubs and tin lunchboxes of old might be a little out of fashion, there are plenty of new formats for showcasing your music fandom. There is space for every genre, from classic rock to modern K-pop. These band collectibles range from statues and figures to hardcover collection books and even bookends to hold them with!

Why not tune in with these unique collectible pieces of music memorabilia to fill out your media center?

Premium BTS Collectible Logo: 7 With You Edition by Sideshow

Celebrate nearly 8 years of musical artistry.

21st century pop icons BTS are known throughout the world for their inspiring messages through music. Inspired by the visual of their iconic logo, visualized as a set of doors opening outward to possibility, the BTS: 7 With You Premium Logo Collectible has a purple design overlaid with emblems from many of the group’s eras. Discover symbols and text from 2 COOL 4 SKOOL to MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 contained in this statue — and on the reverse, the ARMY symbol helps to create a sense of harmony, bringing past and present into one elegant design.

Motorhead Ace of Spades Collectible Bookends by Nemesis Now

Double up or quit!

While the Warpig might represent filth and chaos, you can keep your books, CDs, albums, or anything else shelf-worthy neatly organized with this set of Motorhead bookends. Hand-painted and cast in quality resin, the large black Ace of Spades can be displayed as a unit or split apart to hold all your prized possessions within. Red accents emphasize the hellish intensity of this critical component to the band’s public image. Rock your world and keep your books secure with this badass addition to any collection!

[email protected] Anthrax “NOTMAN” 100% and 400% by Medicom Toy

Heavy metal’s most unique mascot.

While he’s not the most conventional symbol of heavy metal music, the Not Man helped cement Anthrax’s image in pop culture. This goofy, balding, mustachioed man is now in collectible [email protected] form in this dual set that features a 100% size figure and a massive 400% version as well. But don’t be fooled by his smile — the Not Man represents a mixture of hardcore attitude and humor that has endured for decades on the music scene. You don’t want to be the only metalhead to not have Not Man in your collection!

Mondo: The Art of Soundtracks Book by Insight Editions

Vinyl fantasy, at your fingertips.

What’s old is new again with the rise of designer vinyl records, including those pioneered by Mondo. While this form of music collectible might never have gone out of fashion in your home, many additional fans every day are discovering this art form that extends far beyond the songs themselves. Mondo: The Art of Soundtracks includes incredible full-color imagery from their collectible vinyl releases, including the record artwork with unique color mixes and the impeccable art sleeves protecting the pressed pieces inside. Discover over 200 pages in this hardcover book that’s perfect for your bookshelf or your record shelf.

KISS Glam Range The Starchild Tankard by Nemesis Now

Star status starts here!

Since 1973, KISS has left an indelible mark on musical history — from iconic makeup to pyrotechnics, all the way to Gene Simmons’ tongue, of course! Raise a toast to this beloved rock band with the Starchild Tankard, cast in quality resin with a stainless steel insert and a bejeweled band logo. It’s functional and fun, with a handle featuring lightning bolts, another KISS logo, and a sculpted, raised portrait of the beloved musician on the drinkware itself. Top it up with your favorite fuel before you rock and roll all nite (especially if you party every day).

A Collectible Tribute to ODB

Ol’ Dirty Fine Art Print by Mike Thompson

ODB’s larger-than-life personality has practically become legend in Hip Hop history. This tribute art print by Mike Thompson shows Ol’ Dirty Bastard repping his home borough of Brooklyn, with his name in lights. As both a founding member of the unforgettable Wu-Tang Clan and a breakout solo artist, ODB was profane, carefree, and beloved by listeners around the world. Return to the 36 Chambers with this unframed, archival quality artwork in your collection.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Statue by Sideshow

Shame on you — if you don’t bring home this Ol’ Dirty Bastard Statue for your Hip Hop collection! This detailed and stylized sculpt shows ODB steppin’ through as he rises from the Chambers Street subway station, bending the bars of a Brooklyn Zoo cage as he stomps onto the scene. With a snarl on his face, Ol’ Dirty Bastard embodies swagger and attitude as he takes his spotlight in the music world. A can’t-miss for fans of his career and legacy!

And that’s our setlist for this music-themed spotlight! If you’re looking for an encore of these or any other music collectibles, be sure to browse Sideshow’s full lineup. You’ll have a full concert going on your shelf in no time.

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