Rare Finds: Nerdy Office Supplies for Your Desk

Looking to combine childhood nostalgia with your adult budget? Sideshow’s Rare Finds is your source for all things cool, classy, and collectible.

Office Goods for a Working Geek

Some people make it a personal policy not to mix business and pleasure. We say, why not Let Your Geek Sideshow on the clock? Not all nerdy things are childish, and not all professional tools have to be boring. This fandom flair is fun and functional!

While we can’t guarantee it’ll increase your productivity exponentially, it never hurts to bring geek office supplies to your desk, shelf, or anywhere else you need a morale boost. You’ll be the envy of all your coworkers — whether you’re working in a cubicle or from a home office. See, this adulting stuff is easy.

Upon San’s Mask Desk Clock by Benelic

Time flies in the forests of Studio Ghibli…

Who hasn’t dreamed of whiling away the hours in the lush natural worlds of a Studio Ghibli film? For those of us without the luxury of running off into the fields with a knapsack full of cheese and bread, keep track of your precious time with this adorable Princess Mononoke clock by Benelic! A peaceful forest spirit, or kodama, lounges on top of San’s iconic mask in this sculpted scene. With a colorful analogue clock face and a detailed design with something to see at every angle, your time has never felt more magical!

Space Slug Desk Organizer by Regal Robot

This is no cave!

Strike back against disorganized desktops with Regal Robot’s Space Slug desk organizer. Cast in resin and based on scans of the original prop puppet from the Star Wars™ saga, this massive meteor-dwelling monster is hungry for your pens, pencils, and other writing instruments. With a crater base perfect for holding small trinkets like pushpins, coins, or paper clips, the space slug will have your work cave cleaned up in no time! Plus, it comes with a black pencil topped with a Millennium Falcon miniature, for an adorable display of daring heroics.

Snake Eyes Sword Letter Opener by Icon Heroes

Yo, Joe! You’ve got mail!

It doesn’t take an expert commando to wield a sword … okay, maybe the ninja training and combat experience helps, but with this Snake Eyes sword letter opener, you’ll feel like a certified badass opening everything from bills to birthday cards! Cast in metal and measuring 7″ long, this detailed, scaled replica of an iconic G.I. Joe hero’s weapon makes a discreet and exciting addition to your cache of office supplies. Cobra’s endless coupon booklets never stood a chance.

Slayer Skull Box by Nemesis Now

Take your treasures to the grave.

Made of high-quality, hand-painted resin, this box is undeniably metal. Well, it’s a tribute to thrash metal and is sculpted with incredible cameo detailing that celebrates all things Slayer. There are swords, eagles, devils, and more surrounding the dome of this macabre storage container. And when you lift the helmet, you’ll find a spacious storage compartment for all your most sinister treasures. If you’ve ever wanted to take the skull of your enemy and use it like a trophy, this officially licensed Slayer skull box will certainly be the next best thing.

Octonium Mechanical Octopus Bookends by Nemesis Now

Eight arms is enough for all your books, right?

Dark fantasy and steampunk vibes combine to create this incredible and creative Octonium Mechanical Octopus by Nemesis Now! Designed as a set of two bookends, this skeletal cephalopod can hold your favorite works of fiction between the matching bronze-painted sides. Instantly transport your shelf to another time and place with this multi-armed guardian holding up your hardcovers and supporting your softcovers. It’s like having a second brain (or nine!) for all your favorite fantasy, horror, mystery, and sci-fi stories.

Geek out at the office! Don’t miss your chance to bring home these and other nerdy office supplies for your desk. What will you bring home to your collection?

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