Rare Finds: Transformers Figures and Collectibles

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More than Meets the Eye

In the fight between Autobots and Decepticons, this long-running franchise has transformed right before our eyes! Across generations of animation, film, comics, and Transformers toys, the machine heroes and villains we love like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Blitzwing, and more have taken on many different appearances and roles. While your action figure shelf might have looked different when you were younger, the vibrant colors and codenames of your favorite characters remain the same even to this day.

From classic style to modern mechanical marvels, these Transformers collectibles are ready to reinvigorate any fan’s Cybertronian sense of nostalgia. Whether you’re looking for display-worthy pieces or figures you can pose over and over again, these rare finds are more than meets the eye, every time!

Mechasoul Optimus Prime Polystone Bust by Mighty Jaxx

Bring a creative AllSpark to your shelf.

As a hero, he’s always been head and shoulders above the rest. An original design by artist Clogtwo, this MechaSoul Optimus Prime Bust is an impressive tribute to the inspiring leader of the Autobots. This polystone bust gives creative upgrades to his already iconic design, including light-up elements and exceptional attention to detail throughout. Optimus Prime measures 6″ tall and 10″ wide, making a perfect centerpiece for your Cybertronian shelf of collectibles.

Bumblebee Nendoroid Collectible Figure by Sentinel

Let’s see what the buzz is about!

This adorable Autobot makes a big statement in any display. The beloved VW bug Bumblebee has become an articulated collectible figure — a Nendoroid, complete with swap-out accessories and Bee’s battle mask. Poseable and packed with personality, this fun-sized figure features a design inspired by the character’s own feature film. Recreate epic fight scenes and everyday heroic duties with the Bumblebee Nendoroid on your shelf — he’s ready to roll out to you today.

Shockwave Classic Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio

The only logical choice.

Even though weekends might be for sleeping in, there’s no denying the classic appeal of Saturday morning cartoons. The Shockwave Classic Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio fuels that nostalgia with a unique deco design that recreates the flat, cel-shaded look of the Generation 1 Transformers series. Standing on a Decepticon themed base, this cold and calculating villain is packed with detail. Shockwave also features a swap-out arm so you can switch up his powerful configuration in your collection.

Blitzwing Premium Scale Collectible Figure by ThreeA Toys

A legendary Decepticon in your collection.

ThreeA’s Premium Scale does justice to this terrifying triple changer Transformer, Blitzwing. Inspired by his appearance in the Bumblebee film, this immensely detailed collectible figure features over 100 points of articulation, LED light-up elements, and diecast metal parts. Blitzwing stands 17.5″ tall, ready to face off against any Autobots that would dare oppose his might. With maximum posing potential and detailed weathering throughout his intricate frame, he is ready to tackle any challenge, down to the smallest bee.

Soundwave and Ravage Collectible Figure by Threezero

Drop the beat on the Autobots!

Get it? Beat? (Is this thing on?) If you’re ready to crank up the volume in your collection, you can’t miss this Soundwave and Ravage Collectible Figure set by Threezero. Not only does the loyal Decepticon feature over 80 points of articulation, but his spy-trooper Ravage (in robot mode) can be folded up and stored inside the chest cavity on Soundwave. Both characters feature diecast metal elements, and Soundwave also has LED light-up eyes, making this incredibly detailed duo the best additions to your army against the Autobots. Play the tape back if you don’t believe us.

If you’re looking to upgrade your collection, these Transformers figures are ready to be drafted to the fight! Whether you side with the Autobots or Decepticons, or simply want to celebrate all the characters of this iconic series, make Sideshow.com your stop to discover these mighty machines.

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