Awesome Anime Action Figures to Power Up Your Collection

You don’t need a Scout Regiment or a transmutation circle to catch all these anime action figures and statues. From dynamic Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia collectibles to serene Studio Ghibli decor, Sideshow carries tons of anime merchandise ready to slay its way onto your shelves.

Below, explore a curated selection of anime figures that will easily bring the power of your anime collection to over 9,000BELIEVE IT!

Caiman Sixth Scale Figure

He’s a little mean and very green! The Caiman (Anime Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Threezero captures the wonderfully bizarre visage of Dorohedoro’s protagonist Caiman. Two interchangeable heads and expressions — plus plenty of accessories — allow you to bring this anime figure to life on your shelf. Pair him with other Dorohedoro collectibles for the ultimate action-adventure display.

Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku Figure

Recreate dynamic and dramatic Dragon Ball fight sequences with the Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku Collectible Figure by Bandai. This highly articulated Goku figure can even take the 10x Kamehameha power-up and release poses with ease! Whether for display or for play, Goku is ready to join your Dragon Ball collection today.

Megazord Collectible Figure

Go go Power Rangers! Unite your Power Rangers collection with the Megazord — Super Cyborg (Clear) Collectible Figure by Super 7. Relive the nostalgia and awe of every moment when the Zords come together to fight the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ enemies, or simply show off the brains and brawn of these beloved heroes in collectible figure format.

Attack on Titan Figures

The Attack on Titan anime might be ending soon, but our love for this show is forever. If you feel the same, check out the wide range of available Attack on Titan figures. Imbue your anime collection with the Scouts’ power, showcasing the intelligence, strength, and perseverance of characters such as Levi, Mikasa, and Eren — no Titan spinal fluid required.

Katsuki Bakugo Nendoroid Figure

Our hearts go BOOM when we see this adorable Katsuki Bakugo Nendoroid Collectible Figure by Takara Tomy. But don’t be fooled by his small size! This Bakugo figure still packs a heroic punch. Showcase him with more My Hero Academia collectibles to keep your shelf perfectly quirky.

Ultraman Sixth Scale Figure

From the new world of the “ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE” project comes the Ultraman Suit Tiga Sixth Scale Figure by Threezero. This shining Ultraman figure is decked out with weapons, light-up features, Tiga crystals, and more. Take your sci-fi collection to new levels when you add this Ultraman to your array of ultra cool anime figures.

GX-96 Getter Robot Go Collectible Figure

Disassemble and recombine this GX-96 Getter Robot Go Collectible Figure by Bandai to your heart’s delight. Packed with exciting features, this Soul of Chogokin figure is for fans of the franchise and enthusiasts of modern mecha toys. Add to your anime action figure collection today!

Demon Slayer Collectible Figures

You’ve heard of the water breathing technique. Now get ready for … collectible breathing! If you live, breathe, and love Demon Slayer collectibles, these Nezuko and Tanjiro figures are perfect for you. We’re featuring this amazing Demon Slayer (Vol 1.) Collectible Set by MegaHouse to showcase these sensational siblings. Add them alongside even more Demon Slayer figures for a complete collection.

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