Everything New We Learned About The Rings of Power at SDCC

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres on September 2, 2022. And now we finally have our full-length trailer! Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power showed up strong to San Diego Comic-Con 2022. After the panel, the new Rings of Power trailer played — and we are absolutely amazed.

Watch the trailer below or on Prime Video’s official YouTube channel. Then join us below as we analyze this fantastical footage.

The War

The Rings of Power trailer opens with Galadriel, dressed in white, standing on a battlefield. She places an Elf’s helmet on a pile of other helmets. These are her fallen warriors. The camera pulls back into a wide shot to reveal just how heavy the casualties are. While this occurs, Galadriel narrates. She says that they all thought the war was over. Unfortunately, we know all too well that it is not.

This series is set in the Second Age, with a plot that will lead to and explore the forging of the rings of power (including the One Ring) that caused so many hardships in the existing cinematic trilogies. Galadriel goes on to mourn their happiness, sounding grim as she mourns the joy that Middle-earth is soon to lose at the hands of a great evil.


Next we see Elrond in his home, Rivendell. We move slowly through shots of different scenes: Elves at a coronation ceremony, an amicable evening dinner with Dwarf and Elf guests, children playing at a river, and Elves sailing — perhaps to the Undying Lands. Having found peace in this life, they journey to the next. Little do they know what is about to besiege their brethren.

Harfoots and Other Heroes

“The skies are strange,” Sadoc Burrows tells an unseen group. Perhaps he is leading more Harfoots — to where, it’s difficult to discern. Giving credence to his statement is a flash to two cloaked figures on a ridge. One is likely the silvan Elf Arondir. Silhouetted, he and his companion watch as a meteorite of some sort falls through the air.

Galadriel Glimpses the Future

The mood shifts. The music darkens. Galadriel touches an obsidian and sapphire orb, and when she makes contact, she sees various disturbing images. People fight on a fiery battlefield. Dead soldiers float in a red sea. Finally, Galadriel herself cries over an Elf’s corpse, his bare arms covered in deep claw marks.

The Stranger

After a brief glimpse inside the island kingdom Númenor, we see a trio of white-cloaked individuals that simply scream “evil.” In the next shot is a similarly dressed character we know only as The Stranger. This pale blond man is almost certainly Sauron in disguise as Annatar.

Khazad-dûm and Beyond

Stretching far across Middle-earth’s map, we arrive in a Dwarven realm with Elrond. Likely he has come to appeal to their king for help in these trying times. Or it’s just a cordial visit. In any case, we don’t get much time with the Dwarven royalty before we are whisked away to a dusty human settlement. A far cry from the paradise that is Númenor, this area is home to a young child who is getting accosted by an old man asking about Sauron.

Briefly we watch an Orc stalk a frightened human — the child’s mother? At least, it looks like the same woman giving a rousing speech to other humans in the same setting. Then it’s back to this mysterious child, who appears to be in possession of a weapon that materializes out of shadow. Flames lick up the black blade as it forms. Who does this weapon belong to? It’s unclear but in the next instant, we hear about the threat of unchecked evil — and how it could consume everyone.

The Fight Begins

Middle-earth is in grave danger. In typical trailer fashion, we go into montage mode about two minutes in. There’s so much to take in. Orcs bow to Sauron. The human Halbrand makes a grand entrance at a gold door. Galadriel, wearing silver amor, boards a warship. Arondir leaps onto a castle wall. Queen Regent Míriel walks forward slowly, an infant in her arms, and underground the Dwarf Princess Disa sings with a choir.

Can you believe this is just the first season? The trailer shows there’s still more to come. Elves ride across a green field, and Orcs sprint through a dense forest. Stranded in the Sundering Seas, Galadriel swims away from a vicious sea serpent. Finally, The Stranger blows sparks out of his hand. A golden leaf flies through the air, settling on scorched ground before burning to ash.

Final Moments

“You have been told many lies of Middle-earth,” explains our final narrator. The stringent voice could belong to The Stranger, who doesn’t otherwise speak in the trailer. Is he talking to the next character we see onscreen, a sweating and fatigued Arondir? The Silvan Elf holds a dagger in one hand as he breathes heavily. From the shadows, numerous clawed black hands emerge and pull him out of sight.

The Balrog

Of course, the post-credits type scene of the trailer is the most cheer-inducing. We speculated when the teaser trailer came out that a Balrog might be part of this series. Well, the answer is yes! We do in fact get to Balrog it up.

Lord of the Rings fans will be overjoyed to see a Balrog in the final few seconds of this full-length trailer. Large, fierce, and fire-breathing, this monster is going to give our heroes a hard time on top of the already challenging tribulations that await them. And we’re very much looking forward to the tension and heartbreak that must come with the Balrog’s appearance after it has been awakened by the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm.

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