Sideshow Con 2021 Day 1 Highlights – STAR WARS™

Sideshow Con 2021 is here! From Monday, July 19, to Sunday, July 25, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest pop culture collectibles from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Alien, and more!

We’re going live all throughout the week, straight from our Sideshow HQ and beaming into your homes and offices globally. As with all Sideshow events, fans can look forward to immersive and interactive fun to satiate your need for Letting Your Geek Sideshow.

Here are our highlights from Day 1!


It’s Day 1 ofĀ Sideshow’sĀ celebrated online convention experience ā€”Ā Sideshow Con!

Check out some of the highlights from the booth right here:

Inspired by the Disney+ hit series,Ā The Mandalorian™,Ā Hot ToysĀ debuted a plethora of new figures including the stunningĀ Boba Fett™ with Throne Sixth Scale Figure Set, theĀ Fennec Shand™ Sixth Scale Figure, theĀ Cobb Vanth™ Sixth Scale Figure, theĀ Armorer™ Sixth Scale Figure, theĀ Super Battle Droid™, and an epicĀ Nevarro™ Imperial Safehouse Diorama.

The Nite Owls also made an appearance at the booth today. TheĀ Koska Reeves™ Sixth Scale FigureĀ andĀ Axe Woves™ Sixth Scale FigureĀ are available for pre-order now viaĀ Sideshow. Complete your collection of Mandalorian soldiers with the previously announcedĀ Bo-Katan Kryze™ Sixth Scale Figure,Ā  also available for pre-order now, viaĀ Sideshow.

Many of these figures are available for pre-order now viaĀ Sideshow. Fans can RSVP today for more updates on theĀ Fennec Shand™ Sixth Scale Figure, theĀ Cobb Vanth™ Sixth Scale Figure, theĀ Super Battle Droid™, and theĀ Nevarro™ Imperial Safehouse DioramaĀ as they are released.

TheĀ Rey™ Premium Format™ Figure, based on her appearance inĀ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker™, features a pose inspired by her battle with Kylo on the Death Star wreckage. Fans canĀ RSVPĀ today for more updates.
TheĀ Kylo Ren™ Premium Format™ FigureĀ wasĀ showcased as well, wielding his iconic lightsaber. Fans canĀ RSVPĀ today for more updates.

TheĀ General Grievous™ Premium Format™ Figure, depicting the Separatists’ Supreme Commander in all his terrifying glory, was also on display. Fans canĀ RSVPĀ today for more updates.


TheĀ Ahsoka Tano™ Premium Format™ FigureĀ byĀ Sideshow.

Sideshow’s 1/6 scaleĀ Anakin Skywalker™Ā andĀ Obi-Wan Kenobi™Ā figures.

All-newĀ Star WarsĀ 1/10 scale statues by Iron Studios, includingĀ The Dark Trooper™,Ā The Mandalorian™Ā & Grogu,Ā Bo-Katan Kryze™,Ā Boba Fett™ & Fennec Shand™, and aĀ Grogu™ 1/4 scale statue!

The stunning 1/1 scaleĀ Mandalorian™Ā HelmetĀ byĀ EFX.

Everyone’s favorite Kowakian™ monkey-lizard,Ā Salacious B. Crumb™, byĀ Regal Robot.


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