Sideshow Con 2021 Day 5 Highlights – Marvel

Sideshow Con 2021 is here! From Monday, July 19, to Sunday, July 25, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest pop culture collectibles from MarvelDC ComicsStar WarsAlien, and more!

We’re going live all throughout the week, straight from our Sideshow HQ and beaming into your homes and offices globally. As with all Sideshow events, fans can look forward to immersive and interactive fun to satiate your need for Letting Your Geek Sideshow.

Here are our highlights from Day 5!


It’s Day 5 of Sideshow’s celebrated online convention experience — Sideshow Con!

Check out some of the Marvel-ous highlights from the booth right here:

Fans and collectors got their first up-close look at the highly anticipated Storm Premium Format™ Figure. Inspired by her iconic ’90s-era Marvel Comics appearance, this deluxe statue depicts Ororo Munroe in the center of a powerful tempest of her own creation. This incredible piece is available for pre-order now, via Sideshow.

Sideshow’s newly unveiled Doctor Doom Maquette features the Supreme Leader of the Kingdom of Latveria in a suitably proud and defiant pose. This comic book inspired interpretation of the powerful scientist and sorcerer Dr. Victor Von Doom stands with unshakeable confidence and undeniable menace atop a Latveria-themed display base. This stunning piece is available for pre-order now, via Sideshow.

Sideshow’s latest Black Widow Premium Format™ Figure features the master spy and secret agent Natasha Romanoff in a suitably action-packed pose — her “Widow’s Bite” bracelets spitting electro-shock energy as she escapes a Hydra base, surrounded by flying debris and enemy fire! Fans can RSVP today for more updates.

Sideshow’s new Captain America Premium Format™ Figure features a classic comic book inspired Cap charging into action! Bullets ricochet harmlessly from his iconic shield, while his fist is raised to dispense some good old-fashioned justice to the forces of Hydra! Fans can RSVP today for more updates.


The Galactus Maquette, prepared to devour your universe of Marvel collectibles, was also on display. This piece is available for pre-order now, via Sideshow.

Iron Studios showcased some of our favorite X-Men superheroes with several new additions to their Marvel Mini Co. collection, including WolverineCyclopsJean GreyRogueGambitStormBeast, and Psylocke. Fans can RSVP today for more updates on all these figures.

Closing out the X-Men display was the Storm Fine Art Print, created by esteemed illustrator Taurin Clarke.


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