Sideshow Games: Phoney Phantoms Winter Update

Ser Sideshow returns in a brand new winter update for Sideshow’s Phoney Phantoms mobile game. The Winter Update is already available in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store. Starting now, you can jump into a festival of lights and frosty bites as the nonbinary knight Ser Sideshow while they dodge evil minions and defeat the Solstice Sentry!

If you’re looking for free Sideshow Rewards, adorable foes, and groovy music, look no further! Read on to discover new game mechanics and every little update in version two of the game.

New Powers

This time, Ser Sideshow is prepared for all kinds of danger. They’ve even got a new special attack. If you hold down the attack button, you can charge up a special Super Attack! It’s so powerful that it can destroy two minions at once — or maybe just one extra tough villain.

New Villains

Back when Ser Sideshow was created in our 2020 Level Up! event, the only villain was gravity! If you could jump, you could survive. But after traveling from lakeside castle to dark dungeon, the little nonbinary knight has met their match with the magical and villainous Scarlet Sentry. But after being defeated in the first Phoney Phantoms game, the villain came back as the Solstice Sentry, ready to destroy Ser Sideshow in a winter-y doom.

And if that’s not enough, the Sentry has created two more minions to do his evil bidding: a minion of fire and a minion of ice. These minions are tricky, because they jump around on all the platforms. They’re hard to catch for sure. And to make it worse? The fire minion has to be hit three times in order to be destroyed. In order to defeat the ice minion, you have to use that brand new charged attack. So be sure you practice using your Super Attack!

New Rewards

In the first Phoney Phantoms game, players could earn Sideshow Rewards by beating all 9 levels. Now, there are 3 extra bosses, and 18 full levels! Each of the new bosses has brand new rewards! If you’ve never played the game, you can still win Sideshow Rewards by defeating the first three bosses. If you defeat all six bosses in the new version, you can earn up to $25 in Sideshow Rewards. And the game is absolutely free!

New Devices

Perhaps the most exciting addition is that The Winter Update makes Phoney Phantoms even easier to play with a keyboard, including desktop computers! You can use the up and down arrows (or W and S keys) to jump between platforms. You can use the Space Bar to shoot a regular attack and use Shift to shoot a Super Attack. Some fans are even enjoying the game more on computer than on mobile devices. Maybe you will too!

And more!

This game comes with a new winter-themed song, three brand new backgrounds, and so much more. In fact, if you’re a fan of the arcade mode (where you go for your personal best high score) we’ve even reset the scoreboard. There has never been a better time to try and get a high score. Think you can get in the top 10? Why don’t you find out right now!

Be sure to download Phoney Phantoms from the App Store or Play Store, and if you enjoy Sideshow Games and free rewards, rate the game highly! Share it with friends and post your scores over at! And as always, don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!