Geeking Out on a Budget: A Guide to Geeky Gifts Under $50

This 2022 holiday season, perhaps you are gifting on a budget. Or you have a long, long list of presents to buy for your friends and family. Whatever the reason you need gifts in a specific price range, Sideshow is here to help.

Below, browse a specially curated Gift Guide of Geeky Gifts Under $50 — many of which are even on sale!

Buddy and Friends Mini Backpack

“Do you have any friends? Do you have a best friend? Does he have a big coat, too?”

Think of your loved one who is the most festive. They’ve been excited for this Christmas since the last one ended. A few times, you’ve wondered if this person is an elf in disguise. Now think of them unwrapping this Buddy and Friends Mini Backpack by Loungefly on December 25. Pure bliss, right? Make sure to add this to cart before the big day!

A Die Hard Christmas Book Box Set

“Yeah. I got invited to a Christmas party by mistake. Who knew?”

Everybody deserves a Christmas bedtime story. The very concept mixes the holiday spirit with childhood nostalgia and whimsy. Well, add an action-adventure twist and you’ve got A Die Hard Christmas Book Box Set by Insight Editions. Based on the fan-favorite Christmas movie Die Hard (or is it?), this set comes with a John McClane plush toy as well as the beloved illustrated adult storybook by Doogie Horner and JJ Harrison.

Iron Man Figure Diorama

“Screw it, it’s Christmas!”

Christmas lights shining outside? Check. Collection lit up? If that item on your BFF’s to-do list isn’t crossed out yet, help them get the whole house glowing with the Neon Tech Iron Man 4.0 Hall of Armor Diorama by Hot Toys. Plus, the size and scale make it perfect for a smaller space without loss of detail or impact.

Grogu Valentines Wallet

“I gotta pay a visit to a little friend.”

That friend who adores every single holiday deserves this sweet Grogu™ Valentines Zip Around Wallet by Loungefly. Fashionable, functional, and fandom-full, this Star Wars™ accessory will keep things festive for every season. Help your friend complete the ensemble with the Grogu Valentines Mini Backpack, sold separately.

Back to the Future Collectible Set

“Great Scott!”

For the person in your life who loves classic movies and unique art, pick up the Doc and Marty Vinyl Collectible Set by 3D Retro. Japanese artist Touma has reinterpreted the time-traveling duo in his signature aesthetic with angular faces, elongated arms, and large hands. They’ll look great next to the TV as your friend, sibling, or parent pops on their annual Back to the Future rewatch.

Star Trek Costumes Book


“Life’s true gift is the capacity to enjoy enjoyment.”

You know your buddy who is curating their own personal library? Or the one complaining about their empty coffee table? Or even the friend who loves sci-fi, fashion, and dressing up? The options are as limitless as your social group. Think of somebody who fits one or all of those descriptions, then get them the Star Trek: Costumes book by Insight Editions!

Which of these Geeky Gifts Under $50 will you be gifting this holiday season? Share your best present picks at, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!