Sideshow is Extending Customer Support Hours!

We know that the collecting community is a worldwide network of passionate fans dedicated to the pursuit of their favorite fandoms, most cherished characters, and the ultimate collection.  No matter where you are in the world, Sideshow wants to help provide the best customer service to make your collecting lifestyle even easier.

We are excited to announce the extension of Sideshow’s Customer Support hours beginning on Monday, June 4th, 2018.  Now, collectors will be able to contact Sideshow Customer Support during regular business hours from 6am-6pm PST every Monday through Friday.

So what does that look like in your region?  Here are some examples:

  • Bangkok– 8pm-8am
  • Bueno Aires– 10am-10pm
  • Calgary– 7am-7pm
  • Chicago– 8am-8pm
  • Dubai– 5pm-5am
  • Frankfurt– 3pm-3am
  • Hong Kong– 9pm-9am
  • Istanbul– 4pm-4am
  • London– 2pm-2am
  • Madrid– 3pm-3am
  • Melbourne– 11pm-11am
  • Mexico City– 8am-8pm
  • Montreal– 9am-9pm
  • New York– 9am-9pm
  • Paris– 3pm-3am
  • Perth– 9pm-9am
  • Rio– 10am-10pm
  • Singapore– 9pm-9am
  • Sydney– 11pm-11am
  • Toronto– 9am-9pm

This means that there is even more time in the day for collectors worldwide to utilize Sideshow’s industry-leading Customer Support services, including 12 hour live chat and phone support services.  We are aiming to increase our availability for domestic collectors, and give more convenient access to our international collectors around the globe.

Our passionate fans inspire us every day to make this the place to Let Your Geek Sideshow, no matter what time zone you collect in!