Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2020 Official Event Survival Guide

Don’t be scared- be prepared! Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2020 has awakened from its sinister slumber to bring you a ghoulishly good time from Thursday, October 22nd to Saturday, October 31st. That’s right- this year we are celebrating more than a full week of Halloween hijinks with new giveaways, discounts, thrills and chills, surprises, live shows, and more!

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your Spooktacular 2020 experience with our official survival guide to help you navigate this geeky and creepy celebration! This is your place to find all the details on the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and howls of the entire event. Just remember, sleep is for the weak…

What is Spooktacular and How Do I Register?

Spooktacular is Sideshow’s annual fall celebration of all things collectible, creepy, and cool. Throughout Spooktacular 2020, Sideshow is giving away over $15,000 in prizes through countless contests and giveaways. Plus, we’re going to be launching awesome deals on incredible collectibles that you don’t want to miss. Spooktacular is the perfect time to nab those figures you’ve been eyeing for a while, whether you’re completing your collection or just getting started.

Spooktacular is a massive community celebration with dozens of ways to play along. Most importantly, this is an event for having fun with fellow geeks for the whole week leading up to Halloween itself- a perfect seasonal treat!

Newcomers and returners, take note! This year, there is FREE registration process for Spooktacular, and registered participants are eligible for exclusive giveaways and reward point opportunities throughout the week. Registering is not required to participate in the general event activities, but with more chances to win, why not sign up? Visit for more information on registration.

When is Spooktacular?

This year, Spooktacular runs from Thursday, October 22nd to Saturday, October 31st. When the clock strikes midnight (12:00am PST) on the 22nd, prepare for the madness to begin!

Since sleep is for the weak, you can expect creeptastic content, devilish deals, ghastly giveaways, and more to be launching at all hours of the day and night- this is a constant celebration of spooky fun, so no matter what time zone you play along in, be sure to tune in because there’s always something new to discover.

Be sure to subscribe to Sideshow’s channels on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and more and then enable notifications to better the odds that you never miss a post. Plus, be sure you’re on our newsletter mailing list, visit our blog frequently for updates, and make sure you have an account with You will want to check in constantly to ensure you have the best chance to catch limited rewards codes, exclusive giveaways, product spotlights, and other limited time offers you won’t want to miss!

The fun and games last all the way up until 11:59pm PST on Saturday, October 31st (Halloween itself), so plan accordingly.

What’s New This Year?

In addition to returning classics like the Miss Fortune Teller, reward codes, a scavenger hunt, and Soul Collecting, this year’s Spooktacular celebration features some new activities and surprises for you.

This year’s festivities will include 100% Treasure Hunts throughout the week, challenging your keen eye to make sure you’re truly paying attention to all of the excitement Sideshow has to offer. During random intervals of the event, we will announce when a mystery treasure has been hidden on these will take the form of an extremely limited 100% off promotional code on a random collectible that only the fastest handful of people will be able to claim. If you find the code and are able to redeem it, you are still responsible for shipping, but this special Spooktacular opportunity is open to domestic and international collectors.

All throughout Spooktacular, we’ll be hosting thrilling gameshows. Get ready for the most cut throat version of Trick or Treat, where you have a 50/50 chance of winning a prize or nothing at all. Win, Lose, or Die is a high stakes Choose Your Own Adventure, where only one hero that makes it through the gauntlet will receive a prize. Finally, the Cobbled Cosplay Showdown is a competitive instant cosplay tournament with Sideshow’s hosts acting as avatars for the audience.

Throughout Spooktacular 2020, we’re giving away hundreds of prizes and rewards, but we have one grand prize that every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be searching for. Be sure to keep an eye out for our official Gleam platform giveaway for your chance to win the Spooktacular Grand Prize Pack. The pack includes, The Child Life-Size Figure (Sideshow), The Mandalorian Sixth Scale by Hot Toys, The Child Fine Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis, The Child Necklace by RockLove, The Mandalorian Tiki Mug by Beeline Creative, The Child (force-pose) Tiki Mug by Beeline Creative, Regal Robot Grav Charge Magnet, and The Child AOP Backpack by Loungefly.

How Do I Participate?

First, take a deep breath.

Second, kiss your sleep schedule goodbye.

Third, join us on all of our social media platforms including FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutubeLinkedInPinterest, and even in your email. We will be posting giveaways, hosting livestreams, launching all sorts of deals on collectibles, and sharing all of the coolest, creepiest, crawliest content you could want for your lead-up to Halloween. Some offers and activities will only last for a limited time, and many are platform-specific, so you need to be quick and you need to pay attention to everything you can.

You’ll also want to be sure to join all of Sideshow’s Facebook Groups for all the updates, giveaways, and opportunities to participate in this years’ Spooktacular Streams. Join Sideshow’s Let Your Geek Sideshow Group, Sideshow’s Let Your Statue Sideshow Group, Sideshow’s Sideshow Insiders Group, Unruly Industries’ Designer Toy Collective Group, Court of the Dead’s Rise Conquer Rule Group, and the Atomic Misfit Group.

Apart from social media, you can find a variety of awesome contests running throughout the week on our website, found on the Contest page. Don’t miss out on exciting site-exclusive contests, and check back for updates.

Bookmarking the Spooktacular homepage never hurt anyone either- it provides quick access for any reward code redemptions or promotional offers you might want to quickly grab. Be sure to remember your Sideshow account login as well to claim any deals.

Once you’re playing along, be sure to have fun! We love putting on Spooktacular for the fans and the collector community as a celebration of Halloween time, but also as a celebration of all things collectible. Comment along with us, share your own Spooktacular stories, and enjoy yourself. Nothing is scarier than stressing out and not having fun. We have a strict “no sniveling” policy in effect for this eerie event.

How Do Reward Codes Work?

If you spot a reward code in the wild, don’t panic!  If you act fast, you can nab some sweet reward points for your Sideshow account that can be used on future purchases. These points do not have to be used by the end of the event. Once you save them successfully, they are yours to hold onto.

Each code has a limited number of unique individual uses, meaning only a certain amount of people will be able to claim it. If the code reaches its use limit before you can save it to your account, better luck next time! Once a code is finished, its spirit is freed from this mortal plane, never to be seen again. Spooky, isn’t it? Be vigilant if you want to collect as many rewards points as possible during the celebration. There is no limit to how many you may claim if you do so successfully before its use is up. has a designated space to input reward code words you might find during the week, which can be saved to your Sideshow account if the code hasn’t been retired yet. These codes may appear on our social media, emails, during Live Shows, or anywhere we can think to hide them throughout the event.

Bookmark the Spooktacular homepage and be sure to keep your Sideshow account login details ready- these codes will get used up quickly. If you don’t already have a account, now is the perfect time to start one.

Click through for full Reward Code Terms and Conditions.

Daily Deals

Every year during Spooktacular, we highlight some awesome daily deals and savings on some incredible collectibles that you may have had your eye on for a while. Take advantage of these epic savings and bring something new to your collection- this Halloween season, it’s all treats and no tricks!

Stay tuned for more information when the event kicks off on Thursday, October 22nd, detailing every deal coming your way.

Live Video and Daily Wrap-Ups

Feeling overwhelmed with info? Not sure if you missed something that day? Be sure to check out the daily Spooktacular Wrap Up, live from 5pm-6pm PT, exclusive to the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook group. Here, our hosts will help you keep your head on straight by catching you up on all the latest news from that day’s celebration.

In addition to new reveals, tons of giveaways, and crazy fun content, you can expect even more exciting Sideshow Live shows all Spooktacular long, including special horror-themed livestream on Friday, October 30th, at 10:30am PT to get you prepared for Halloween. We will showcase winners from our Soul Collecting contest, product spotlights, and other event highlights during this vicious video cavalcade.

And don’t forget to catch a Halloween themed episode of The Comics Haul with Amy and Paul on Wednesday, October 28th if you’re looking for creeptastic comics to put in your cauldron for the weekend.

What Happens if I Win?

This year, Sideshow is giving away over $15,000 in prizes through contests and giveaways across our various social media platforms, giving you tons of chances to enter and win. All of our giveaways are open only to US residents, due to international giveaway restrictions.

If you are selected as a winner for a contest, pay attention to the rules laid out by that particular social platform- rules will vary by contest. This may be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, mail, and more. You will be notified as a winner by an official Sideshow account, and then you have 48 hours from that initial message to claim your prize.

In order to correctly claim your prize, you must email [email protected] with your full shipping details, including your name, social media account handle, shipping address, phone number, and what prize you won (as decided by the contest post). In the email subject line, please include what contest you won, and the date you won. Pay attention to the specific contest post for any additional special rules that might be included in the contest.

Once you have sent this information, please be patient- we are processing a high volume of prizes this Spooktacular, and fulfillment generally takes between 4-6 weeks. If you fail to respond within that 48 hours, you will forfeit your prize.

Since Spooktacular is a special event, if you have won a prize within the last 30 days, you are still allowed to participate with a chance to win. However, each participant can only win one prize during the Spooktacular week, regardless of platform. Even if you win, keep playing along for your chance to claim reward codes and take advantage of the super spooky savings in store. Pin giveaways, such as those hosted in Sideshow’s official Facebook groups, do not count against your ability to win during the event.

Click through for full Contest Terms and Conditions.

Soul Collecting

What’s your collectible grail, and what are you willing to do for it? Throughout Spooktacular 2020, there are more goodies and ghoulish giveaways than Dracula can count- but could you really put a price (or a prize) on your mortal soul?

That’s right, it’s the return of Sideshow Soul Collecting! For the Spooktacular week only, collectors have a chance to take matters into their own hands and bargain for a cool collectible in exchange for completing a clever or creative task of their own choosing.

All of this year’s rules will outlined in the official guide to Sideshow’s Soul Collecting 2020, which will be posted no later than Tuesday, October 20th to the Sideshow blog. Keep an eye (or three!) peeled for this update.

…and More!

You never know what surprises Spooktacular will bring. Every year is different than the last, and we are so excited to spend this action-packed, creepy-crawly, spooky fun week with you. Whether this is your first Spooktacular celebration or you’re a seasoned pro, we welcome you to join in the festivities, have some frights, and enjoy yourself.

Make your haunted home for the next week so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

And most importantly, don’t forget- Sleep is for the Weak!