Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2020 Soul Collecting Guide- Event Guide

If you could win your dream prize from Sideshow, what would you be willing to do for it?

For the full Spooktacular 2020 Event Guide, go HERE. This is just a guide to the Soul Collecting challenge contest.

That’s right, the terrifying tradition continues! This year during Spooktacular 2020, Sideshow’s Soul Collecting challenge returns- and this is your official guide on how to navigate the risks and rewards of making an offer for the collectible you crave…

Accepted #SoldMySoul2020 Offers

These lucky contestants have had their bids officially accepted by Sideshow’s Spooktacular Soul Reapers- but they aren’t winners yet! Stay tuned to find out if they successfully completed their challenges when we feature the winners during Sideshow’s Spooky Show livestream on October 30th…

Check out the featured bids here:

  • Kal El has offered to use their wizarding powers to safely charm their fantastic beast (pet) into a box, just like Newt Scamander in exchange for the Newt Scamander Sixth Scale by Hot Toys!
  • Jack Cibrian has offered to put on a tuxedo and perform the “Ewok™ Celebration” in a Bill Murray lounge singer style in exchange for the Wicket™ Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys!
  • David has offered to dress as The Mandalorian™, stare at a map with a “X” marking Baby Yoda’s home in the middle of the ocean, then slowly wade into the deep, deep water at sunset chanting “this is the way…” in exchange for the First Order Snowtrooper™ Sixth Scale Set by Hot Toys!
  • Mskittykat170 from YouTube has offered to stage a video, with the help of their friend where they defend their cats from a home invasion like John Wick would in exchange for a John Wick Sixth Scale by Hot Toys!
  • @sauvesauve on Instagram will change from a Clark Kent suit to a Superman suit (full spandex) while spinning in a revolving door in NYC like (like Christopher Reeve from Superman: The Movie) in exchange for a Superman Sixth Scale by Sideshow!
  • Justin Racklin has offered to act as Alfred Pennyworth to his kids, who shall be Batman and Robin, for an entire day in exchange for the Wonder Woman (Animated Series) Statue by Sideshow!
  • Summer Slowik will go to her local trampoline park dressed as Spider-Man and web-sling down the zipline holding a mannequin (dressed as Mary Jane, of course) in exchange for the Black Cat Statue by Sideshow and Mark Brooks
  • @_wolfskill_ on Instagram will videotape themselves in an inner tube riding horseback dressed in both Deadpool and cowboy gear in exchange for the Deadpool Bust by Sideshow.
  • TeeHee Petey on YouTube will star their Boba Fett™ Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys in an experimental school film project in exchange for the Spider-Punk Sixth Scale by Hot Toys.
  • @JasonReyes517 on Twitter has offered to go grocery shopping, walk the dog, and order subway all while dressed as Godzilla for the Godzilla 2019 Collectible Figure by Arts Spirits.
  • Stephen Gentile will make a Thanos sculpture out of Halloween candy in exchange for the Black Widow Sixth Scale by Hot Toys.
  • Glenn Rechsteiner will order coffee dressed as Batman in full character in exchange for the Princess Leia™ & Wicket™ Sixth Scale Set by Hot Toys.
  • Amaris S. and his wife have offered to dress up in every clothing item in their home and then do a choreographed dance to The Nightmare Before Christmas’ This is Halloween in exchange for the Sabretooth Premium Format™ Figure.
  • Lysa Goodman will wear her talking Babu Frik™ in a baby carrier to work and in zoom calls for two days in exchange for the Incinerator Stormtrooper™ Sixth Scale by Hot Toys!
  • Tim Eskin has offered to go throughout his day dressed as a Stormtrooper™, including tasks like attending his job at the Fire Station and going to the gym, in exchange for The Punisher War Machine SIxth Scale by Hot Toys!
  • Mark Moccaie will dress as The Mandalorian™ and go shopping in public for diapers, baby materials, and then a “gear shift,” all for “the asset”, in exchange for The Logan Premium Format™ Figure.
  • Casey Shea will dress as Darth Maul™ riding his Bloodfin Sith Speeder™ (lawn tractor in this case) and proceed to cut their grass while brandishing a 7 foot double-sided Lightsaber™ in exchange for the Incinerator Stormtrooper™ Sixth Scale by Hot Toys.
  • Jeff Turner II will mow his lawn in a completely original homemade Sideshow superhero costume in exchange for the Thanos (Endgame) Sixth Scale by Hot Toys!
  • Andrew Feng will be creating his own adaptation to the Headless Horseman by hunting for a pumpkin head while “headless” in exchange for the Spider-Man (Homemade Suit) Sixth Scale by Hot Toys.
  • @trooper11883 on Instagram will video themselves bursting into their colleagues’ office and sing the Baby Shark song while wearing a fluffy rainbow colored unicorn hoodie scarf combo and a mask.
  • Ryan Redel will dress up as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and effectively become target practice with his family members, who will be dressed and acting as the four Ghostbusters from the film, in exchange for the Thor: Breaker of Brimstone Premium Format™ Figure.
  • Alex Foley will watch all 9 Star Wars™ movies, as well as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™, in a row without stopping or sleeping, while live tweeting for verification, in exchange for the Incinerator Stormtrooper™Sixth Scale by Hot Toys.
  • @northerknight on Twitter will dress in a Darth Vader™ mask, go into a Starbucks and order a Dark Roast coffee for Darth, and tell the clerk “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side!” in exchange for the Darth Vader™ Sixth Scale by Sideshow!
  • @bernie_blocker from Instagram will create a TikTok of themselves doing a funky dance in an inflatable dinosaur costume in exchange for the Darth Vader™ Sixth Scale by Sideshow.
  • Kathy O’Rourke will get hit in the face with a pie in front of her 4th Grade Zoom Meeting Call in exchange for the Captain America (Infinity War Movie Promo) Sixth Scale by Hot Toys!
  • Tim Roseberry will mow their yard in their daughter’s oversized unicorn head for the Iron Man Mark XLIII Sixth Scale by Hot Toys.
  • Craig Constantin will go to the middle of Whistler Village and recite Mr.Freeze phrases from Batman and Robin with some kind of dome on their head in exchange for the Starfire Premium Format™ Figure!
  • Vander Spawn will dress up as Shieve The Pathfinder and stand on the side of a busy road with a sign saying “Happy Spooktacular from Sideshow Collectibles” in exchange for the Court of the Dead Relic Ravlatch: Paladin of the Dead Premium Format™ Figure.

What is Soul Collecting?

Throughout Spooktacular 2020, Sideshow is giving away over $15,000 in prizes through numerous contests and giveaways across our various social media platforms including Facebook, email, InstagramTwitter, and even via livestreams on Youtube. There are more goodies and ghoulish giveaways than we can count- but could you really put a price (or a prize) on your mortal soul?

Don’t worry- we don’t really take your soul. This is a fun and interactive giveaway that challenges our collectors to try to cut a deal for a collectible prize of their choosing, if they’re prepared to play for it!

Start by asking yourself, “What collectible do I want to win, and what am I willing to do to get it?

Some of the previous Soul Collecting winners have completed offers like:

  • Taking a swim in an ice-cold lake
  • Mowing a Sideshow “S” into the lawn while dressed as Darth Vader
  • Shopping for groceries while dressed in a Chewbacca onesie, speaking only in Chewie noises
  • Getting family members to recreate the David S. Pumpkins dance from Saturday Night Live

All of these winning tasks have a few things in coffin – we mean, common:

  • A daring task
  • A creative twist
  • Video evidence
  • Just a pinch of embarassment!

Our previous winners were all able to combine a clever idea with an attainable prize, submitting video evidence of their awesome outings. These tasks required them to go slightly outside of their comfort zones- selling your soul is a brave task, after all. This year, please be mindful of local safety regulations and social guidelines in your area- we will never accept offers that are hazardous to yourself or others.

Keep in mind, there are some bargains we simply cannot accommodate, such as asks for life-size items, so we reserve the right to negotiate on your offer to make sure the prize appropriately matches the challenge. Are you looking for a statue? A sixth scale? Prizes must be in-stock, as we cannot provide waitlisted, pre-order, or sold out collectibles.

Help us help you, and remember- the more reasonable and feasible your offer, the more likely we are to consider it.

How Do I Enter?

First, you need to be following Sideshow on FacebookInstagramYouTube, or Twitter. These are the only four social platforms on which we will be collecting offers this year. Pay attention for the official post indicating the start of the Soul Collecting session. Replies will only be accepted on the ONE designated post announcing the Soul Collecting challenge- on YouTube, this will be a video on which you can comment.

The official Soul Collecting Offer is now closed for Spooktacular 2020. Stay tuned for the accepted bids!:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

You can use any of these four sites to enter, but only one Soul Collecting offer per person will be considered.  If we find you posting your offer on multiple pages, you’ll be disqualified. You also will not need to email your offers anywhere either- one message, one platform- so make it a good one!

Once you are ready to commit and make your offer, you need to use the official event hashtag #soldmysoul2020 in order to make it count.

Avoid lengthy proposals – if it takes more than one message or tweet, it will not be considered. This means no Tweet threads, no quote retweets, no multiple Facebook replies. Make it concise.  If you’re stuck, try formulating your offer like this- “For [this prize], I will [do this thing] #soldmysoul2020.

Remember, pick an activity that you can easily photograph or record on video as proof of completion- winners may be shared on Sideshow’s social for all to enjoy!

Do not complete your challenge unless you have gotten official confirmation from Sideshow that we have accepted your offer. While it may be a fun offer and you may be excited to do it, if we haven’t officially accepted your soul, you won’t be rewarded for your troubles.

Keep it clean and clever. We will never accept an offer that involves dangerous, mean-spirited, or illegal activities, or something that would cause harm to yourself or another person in any way. We want these challenges to promote positivity, fun, fandom, and sure- a little embarrassment never killed anyone!

Above all, you have to be safe- you need to be able to collect your prize, after all.

When Can I Make My Soul Offer?

You can start formulating your ideal bargains now, but don’t share them just yet! There is a very small window in which we will actually be accepting offers, so read on for the specific details:

Soul Collecting offers will only be accepted between the hours of 12:00am PDT (midnight!) until 11:59:59pm PDT on Thursday, October 22nd, and offers must be posted as replies to the specified Soul Collecting post on your chosen platform. Any offers received before that time will be disqualified. Any that are posted after that time… also disqualified! Soul Collecting is serious business.

We will make an official start announcement on all the participating social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), so make sure to take your time until then and come up with an offer we can’t refuse. Be sure to turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on the official post.

What Do I Do When I’m Contacted?

On Sunday, October 25th no later than 5PM PDT, we will contact the collectors whose offers we have accepted. We will update this blog shortly announcing all chosen names and challenges, in order to keep the players accountable. In order to then win their prize, each chosen soul must complete their challenge as Sideshow agreed to it. No cheating us after the fact by altering the bargain!

Successfully collected souls will then have until Tuesday, October 27th at 11:59:59pm PDT to submit their visual proof by linking to a social post that tags the appropriate Sideshow account and features your completed video/photos along with the hashtag #soldmysoul2020 to [email protected]. Any emails not accounted for at that time will be considered failed challenges.

In addition to posting on social media, you must email [email protected] with a link to your social post, which must:

  • Include the video/photographic proof that you successfully completed your challenge
  • Tag the relevant Sideshow account based on which platform you’re submitting with
  • Use the hashtag #soldmysoul2020
  • Be publicly visible on your chosen social profile until October 31st, 11:59 PM PDT.

The post alone will not count as a success. You have to email the link to us so we can track your entry. If your account or the post is made private and we cannot see your entry, we cannot accept it. Please do not delete your posts after submission either.

If you successfully submit by the deadline with all of the information correct, then consider yourself a lucky winner. Stay tuned, as we may be sharing our favorite submissions on our social channels and Sideshow’s Spooky Show livestream on October 30th.

Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions for this giveaway!

If you’re still not sure where to start, check out some previous years’ winners in these videos below. One winner sold his soul for a Boba Fett PF by going to the grocery store dressed as Chewbacca, buying three specific food items, and speaking only in Shyriiwook (sort of)!

If you could win your dream prize from Sideshow, what would you be willing to do for it? For the full Spooktacular 2020 Event Guide, go HERE. This is just a guide to the Soul Collecting challenge contest. That’s right, the terrifying tradition continues! This year during Spooktacular 2020, Sideshow’

Another winner went to a hardware store dressed as Indiana Jones (playing the Raiders March!) and asked an employee for help finding Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way Snake Repellant. Of course, he worked in the famous, “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes!” while in the checkout line, earning himself a Jabba the Hutt and Throne Deluxe Sixth Scale Set.

If you could win your dream prize from Sideshow, what would you be willing to do for it? For the full Spooktacular 2020 Event Guide, go HERE. This is just a guide to the Soul Collecting challenge contest. That’s right, the terrifying tradition continues! This year during Spooktacular 2020, Sideshow’

Are the gears turning in your head now?  Get ready, get set…

Be sure to visit for all things that go bump in the night- this will be your hub for all the frights and sights that Sideshow has in store during Spooktacular 2020!

Keep an eye out on our blogFacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages, and be sure to enable your notifications, because when the clock strikes midnight on October 22nd, the real fun begins…

Remember, sleep is for the weak!