Sideshow’s Week in Geek: Detective Pikachu New Trailer!

Sometimes, geek news just seems too bizarre to be true.  When news first broke that Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool) was set to voice a wise-cracking, super-sleuthing Pikachu in a live-action/CGI hybrid Pokemon movie, a lot of fans were left in confusion, like a blast from a Supersonic attack.

Since that time, Warner Bros. Pictures has released two official Detective Pikachu trailers bringing audiences to the world of Ryme City, a place where humans and Pokémon (mostly) live in harmony, and Pokémon fans are completely onboard for this wild romp.

We asked Sideshow’s resident Pokémon fans for their reactions to the newest footage, their thoughts on the CGI Pokémon, and more…

What are your thoughts on the new Detective Pikachu trailer?

“I’m so freakin’ HYPED!! I wasn’t so sure about the realistic Pokémon at first but now they’ve really grown on me since the first trailer.” –Kelly

“Pika-MAZING!” –Alex

“Wow, I am so freakin’ hyped… I cannot wait till May.” –Daniel

“I get more excited for this movie with every trailer! The live-action battles look really promising. And the designs for Ryme City are blowing my mind!” –Kiana

“I’m all in.  I can’t believe this is real, and it looks absolutely bonkers.  Sign me up!  The first trailer had me intrigued, but the second trailer really sold me on just how fun and ridiculous a movie set in this world should be.” –Amy

Are you a fan of the Pokémon franchise?

“Yes, very much so.” –Daniel

“Yes!  It was a huge part of my childhood and that fandom is still going strong well into adulthood!  I’ve played at least one game in every generation, and about half of the spinoffs.  Water type starter shoutout!” –Amy

“I watched the show when it was in the 90s and have been playing Pokémon Go from time to time since it’s launch.” –Alex

“Yep! Pokémon was a huge part of my childhood.” –Kelly

“Big time! I’ve been hooked ever since Pokémon Blue.” –Kiana

What is your favorite monster that has been featured in one of the trailers?

“It’s really a tie between the Snorlax and Bulbasaur.” –Alex

“Growlithe! We only caught a little glimpse of the fluffy tails walking away from the camera, but they looked great!!” –Kelly

“Detective Pikachu takes the cake, but my runner-ups are Gengar, Snorlax, and Bulbasaur.” –Kiana

“Bulbasaur!  I love how the eyes were done.  Such a cute little frog plant friend!” –Amy

“Definitely Cubone and Jigglypuff.” –Daniel

What yet-unseen Pokémon do you hope appears in the movie?

“Milotic, Garados, Gardevoir, Marowak, and Mew.” –Daniel

“Any of the bats please…Woobat, Zubat, Golbat.” –Alex

“I hope there’s just one really well-placed Ditto joke in the film.  Ditto is my favorite Pokemon of all time because, well, it’s every Pokémon!” –Amy

“Garbodor. Ryme City must have a lot of trash, right? What a perfect opportunity to include my favorite 6’3” garbage Pokémon. I would also loooovvveeee to see some Rotom appliances.” –Kiana

“Vaporeon is my all-time favorite, and I would LOVE to see how they recreate them in the ‘realistic’ style.” –Kelly

Are you planning to see Detective Pikachu in theaters?

“You know it!  Multiple times to spot all the details, most likely!” –Amy

“A herd of rampaging Tauros couldn’t drag me away from the theater.” –Daniel

“Yep!” –Kelly

“Two words- MIDNIGHT PREMIERE!!!!” –Kiana

“Heck yes, I’ll be CATCHING it in theaters in May!” –Alex

Anything else you’d like to add.

“The Aipom in the trailer are absolute nightmare fuel though… O_O” –Kelly

“This is truly the movie the world didn’t know it needed until it happened!” –Alex

“Please be awesome, please be awesome, please be awesome, please be awesome…” –Daniel

Big thanks to our Sideshow staffers (and Pokémon Masters) for geeking out over the newest Detective Pikachu trailer!  Be sure to check out our last Week in Geek, where Sideshow staffers shared their experiences watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix!

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